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The Daily Word 02.09.11: Beer Marshmallows, Plastic Rice, Chicken Wyngz

By Tom Nayder [ Wed Feb 9 2011 9:01 AM ]
In the news: Patriot Act, lunch, China is making fake rice from plastic and selling it as real rice, blaming NM Gas, School bus accident, next-generation iPad, wonder, this guy, trusted science, wyngz, Fox Problem, No one knows the reason why, accidentally gives abortion-inducing drug to pregnant woman, drugs, the worst game in the world,, Mike, the Headless Chicken, Most distant galaxy ye, this flowchar, 14 of the most expensive meals, getting a lawyer, Beer marshmallows!, Flickr page, Alibi's, buying, a pretty sweet deal, 10 things you you should, Happy Birthday Jim J. Bullock!

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