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Business Profile

The Ayurvedic Institute

The Ayurvedic Institute has been the leader in the field of Ayurvedic education and treatment since 1984. Under the auspices of Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc, The Ayurvedic Institute is one of the most well-respected schools of Ayurveda in the world, offering seminars, weeklong intensives and full-time immersive education programs. Our panchakarma department provides healing retreats. Our low-cost clinic gives individualized healing consultations for mind, body and spirit including herbs, nutrition and more. Visit our store where you can pick up books, massage oils, teas, Ayurvedic herbal products and toiletries, gifts from India and spiritual objects for your altar. Come for a health consultation, a treatment or spend a weekend with us at a seminar. Join us on the path of healing!

V.27 No.11 | 3/15/2018

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Flamenco Works, Inc.

Flamenco Dance and Performance
V.26 No.36 | 9/7/2017
Chello Yak combo featured with Halal Lamb

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Chello Grill

Mediterranean Restaurant
V.26 No.14 | 4/6/2017

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Villa Myriam

Single Source Coffee
V.25 No.39 | 9/29/2016

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Hip Stitch

Quilting Fabric Store & Sewing Lounge
V.25 No.37 | 9/15/2016
Rosa Maria Zamarron & Jared Kellog

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Casa Flamenca presents: Jesus Muñoz Flamenco

World-class flamenco perfoming arts
V.25 No.33 | 8/18/2016
Thunderbird Supply Company

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Thunderbird Supply Co.

Home of the good guys & gals

Bead store/jewelry making supplies