Alibi Bucks


V.20 No.51 |


The Daily Word in politics, human to animal contact and TALKING IN ALL CAPS

By TOM NAYDER [ Wed Dec 28 2011 9:02 AM ]
In the news: debt ceiling, two-day funeral, as bad as you think, promises to pack up and go home, retiring, Rose Parade, contradict, Questions, reviews, China has its own GPS, too cool, shootout, human to animal contact, Where old Christmas light go to die, computer, exploding churro lawsuit, loose wagon wheel, ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS, BitTorrent phrases, anti-gender marketing rant, best, man aisle?, alien footprints, Grand Canyon Burger, avoid, weight of the internet, best, worst, R.I.P. Cheetah the chimpanzee, dead, covers, Happy Birthday Leaping Lanny Poffo!!!

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