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V.23 No.3 |


The Daily Word in pot-legalization in New Mexico, 85 people own half the world and the toilets of Sochi

In the news: high-speed police chase, pot-legalization resolution, does not allow authorities to conduct a ground search, Obama's current views on marijuana, Fundraiser, Jamaican Olympic bobsled team, Detroit is getting a big-ass Robocop statue, Macgyver, Pontiac Stinger, 85 people own half the world, documents related to sexual abuse by priests in the Chicago Archiocese, large dolphin kill, fraternity held an offensively-themed MLK Day party, Legs McNeil interview with Moe Tucker, specter of terrorism, the toilets

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V.22 No.39 | 9/26/2013


The Daily Word in foodstamps, mugshots and eyeballs

In the news: Patrick Swayze’s mom died, shooting in Chicago, foodstamps, ramen crust pizza, lightsaber thumbwrestling, Amanda Kooser, antelope, King Nerd, SNL, Star Trek, pictures of eyeballs, Funny old-timey mugshots, Mountain Dew Mouth, Mary and Tito’s, Devin O’Leary

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V.22 No.21 |


The Daily Word in the sewer baby, a successful Crackstarter campaign and an exploding house

In the news: attract Chicagoan tourists, a great time, kids eat their parents' medical marijuana, trade ivory for money and guns, A house BLEW UP in Rio Rancho, rescued from a sewer pipe, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford remains grossly unpopular, "Crackstarter" campaign, The Mayor of Osaka, hoarding is now officially an illness, Don't climb Mount Everest, Impressive, thick fog in Sydney, Happy Birthday John Fogerty, Keep On Chooglin

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V.21 No.40 |


The Daily Word in debate hangovers

In the news: President Obama, KitchenAid, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Big Bird, billion daily users, craziest, rising, growing in a field, shooting, Triple Crown, busted, at the moon, arrested, dyslexic, Happy Birthday Charlton Heston!!!

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V.21 No.38 | 9/20/2012
Lauri Sagle is an instructor of English at the University of Hawai’i and the recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence. She is a core contributor to the English department and an integral member of the women’s studies department. She left the Alibi on December 28, 1994.
Lauri Sagle is an instructor of English at the University of Hawai’i and the recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence. She is a core contributor to the English department and an integral member of the women’s studies department. She left the Alibi on December 28, 1994.


One of the Alibi’s earliest editors remembers the olden days.

The early days of The Alibi, then known as NuCity (before a Chicago publication with a phonetically identical name threatened to rip out all of our editorial teeth), were the types of days that every flash-of-genius writer chortles over when he's being interviewed by Oprah about his sizzling debut novel, or every tech guru recalls as she laughingly characterizes her time spent paying her dues before the Big Brilliant Idea that Changed Technology ForEver. They were days of subsisting on Fred's bagels (since we mostly got paid in "bagel bucks" instead of cash); working (sometimes even crashing) in a hot office box with Department of Health condemnable carpet; and simply assuming, with the nearly impervious certainty of youth, that everything would get better, and that we'd have fun in the meantime.

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V.21 No.24 | 6/14/2012


Video from the Chicago NATO protests

In this week’s opinion slot, Andrew Beale recounts his trip to the City of Wind to film and participate in the protests against NATO. He argues that biased mainstream media accounts are part of why more people get their news from Internet sources and from shaky cell phone videos posted to YouTube. Online, Beale’s piece “Don’t Believe the Hype” includes video footage he shot at the demonstration.

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Occupy the Alibi

Don’t Believe the Hype

The image of veterans flinging their medals in the direction of McCormick Place, where the summit was held, provided an incredibly strong statement that our columnist will never forget. As powerful as that was, the act was far overshadowed by the violence immediately afterward, he writes.

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V.21 No.21 |


The Daily Word in Ad-Rock, aliens vs. gods and working too hard

In the news: $17,000, Neil Armstrong, Ad-Rock, Who puts in the most hours, pork barrel projects, George Zimmerman, public massacres, pits of germs, no daily newspaper in New Orleans, Chicago's daily bought its weekly, cruelty, Egypt is voting for president, aliens from gods, Beautiful rot, ketchup

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V.21 No.21 | 5/24/2012


The Daily Word in Facebook stocks, Frankenfish, finger sandwich

In the news: Facebook, buying in, Trayvon Martin, multiple child rapes, shot to death, Spice-manufacturing, NATO summit, Chicago, Cubs’ owner, snakehead, indoor zoo, Quail-Man, finger, toothless

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V.21 No.10 |


The Daily Word in Santorum's mounting pressure, Pi Day and mystery meat

In the news: Santorum comes out on top, warlord found guilty, Kony, 146 people killed, It's Pi Day, pink slime, hot dogs cause butt cancer, Encyclopedia Britannica gives up, The History Channel, Apple, official spoiler rules, Louis CK, culinary joke, Muppets raped Kurt Cobain, masturbating, extract your own DNA, Somos Todos Super Amigos, Billy Crystal

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V.21 No.9 |


The Daily Word: Sony is closing downtown ABQ studio; greasing a shaved baby sloth; circumcision news; Rush Limbaugh's Dr. Lauraesque diarrhea of the mouth

In the news: downtown Albuquerque, post-production studio in Albuquerque, Duck Duck Go, Chinese lady wasn't really dead, support an attack on Iran, stupid QR code placement, suspend wireless service, circumcision went fatally wrong, Rush Limbaugh's wacked out rant, A Ride of Death, Deepwater Horizon oil spill case, baby sloth, City of Chicago

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