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The Daily Word 11.15.10: Raisin Bran Day, paper airplane in space and Beverly D'Angelo

The Daily Word

Now China has the fastest computer.

Lights out at the Cowboys game.

The top words of 2010.

A one-way trip to Mars.

A paper airplane sent to space.

That's almost as amazing as the father and son who sent an iPhone into space.

It's National Raisin Bran Day. (Thanks to Masshole at DCF for the tip.)

A Chinese farmer had sex with an alien.

Have you tried the Facebook Super Log Off?

A firefighter spit on a cop.

A stabbing suspect is held on $1 million bond.

Happy birthday, Beverly D'Angelo.

V.19 No.9 |


The Daily Word 03.04.10: Births, bills, Chinese little people

The Daily Word

A dozen crazy-ass house Democrats (!) will hold up the healthcare bill unless anti-choice language is included.

Why are acting awards still based on gender?

NM Legislature passes revenue package. Some raised taxes, no rollback of 2003 budget cuts for wealthiest.

Giant freak wave slams into cruise ship, killing two.

China opens up theme park called Kingdom of the Little People, populated by small adults in fairy costumes.

Leaked presentation reveals Republican's party main fundraising strategy: freak people out about socialism.

Assumptions about rape on college campuses are dangerously wrong.

Funeral to be held for Internet Explorer 6.

Home births in U.S. see big increase in popularity.

Documents show New Mexico State Police officers may have an arrest and citation quota.

It's Catherine O'Hara's birthday!

V.19 No.3 |

The iPad is Here


Hey look! It's some gadget my husband will insist he needs!

The iPad, unveiled today (read a live blog here) is apparently like a giant iPhone, for old people, I'm guessing. Those little numbers are hard to push.

Also, this is a terrible name. Like Apple just came out with its own line of sanitary napkins. Which makes me wonder what kind of apps would come with that.

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