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The Daily Word 02.16.11: Missing Giant Cactus, Burning Hot Nacho Cheese

By Tom Nayder [ Wed Feb 16 2011 10:47 AM ]
In the news: Yemen, Lybia, Iran, Bahrain, killed, giant fiberglass cactus, refuses to compensate, legalize the killing, sexually assaulted, Patriot Act, ease penalties, Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, incorrect, hot nacho cheese, Birthers, Wrestlemania, bent out of shape, Murdered over autocorrect, Is this Coke's secret formula?, fake friend, worst video game in the world, specializing in cybercrime, threatening felony libel lawsuits for negative reviews, denounce the KKK?, FMB, OOOOH, BURN!, graphic design, Happy birthday Hugh Beaumont!

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