V.25 No.34 | 08/25/2016

The Daily Word in Gonorrhea, Evacuations and a New Earth

The Daily Word

An “anti-wrinkle” vibrator cause a plane to be evacuated at the Sunport yesterday.

NPR's newest documentary Noteworthy follows musician Miguel in-depth to learn about his creative process and influences.

Soooo, gonorrhea is nearly untreatable now.

An invisible epidemic has been sweeping across the nation affecting kids.

On stage a man is crouched on all fours with a funnel inserted into his anus, into which water and dishwashing liquid are being poured.”

Do you love the '70s?

Tired of Earth and all the shit we have to deal with? Well, pack your bags, because it looks like you have an option to leave.

V.25 No.33 | 08/18/2016

The Daily Word in Bees, Instagram and Italy

The Daily Word

A 6.2 earthquake hit central Italy last night.

Not sure if you're depressed? Check your Instagram.

Business owners have already started to take proactive action against the negative affects of ART.

A spontaneous block party was filmed for a music video for the musician Jandro on Sunday.

#LetEmployeesVent or #NoRespect

France exploited three women who just wanted to enjoy the beach for an afternoon.

A project called Holobiont Urbanism is tracking microbes with bees and mapping the results.

V.25 No.29 | 07/21/2016

The Daily Word in Clones, Solar Power and A Damn Good Speech

The Daily Word

Michelle Obama gave a killer speech during the Democratic Convention Monday night. This one's for the books.

How long does it take a Starbucks barista to get ready in the morning?

A British study offers a new, less expensive, method of treating depression.

Remember Dolly, the first successfully cloned mammal? Give it up for the healthy herd of her cloned sisters in Nottingham.

The fuel-free, sun-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 completed a 22,000 mile trip around the world—and it only took a year! Complications were many but the landing was flawless.

Some birds swoop and snatch their prey. This one kicks things to death.

Also, dinosaurs.

V.25 No.5 | 02/04/2016

The Daily Word in Pleading the Fifth, Dummies and Politics

The Daily Word

Clinton and Sanders will debate one-on-one soon.

Martin Shkreli is still an insane asshole.

Lil’ Ricky doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

What would happen if the entire UK stopped eating meat?

Let’s celebrate sadness together.

Did you know the average life expectancy of black trans women (and non-gender conforming friends alike) is only 35?

Trump is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? Excuse me?

V.25 No.3 | 01/21/2016

The Daily Word in Space, Darkness, and Weed

The Daily Word

Three versions of van Gough’s The Bedroom will be shown for the first time in North America in Chicago.

New planet! New planet!

More space stuff (and aliens??????)!

Some photos from a journey across Turkey (with hot air balloons!).

How are insomnia and depression related?

‘Cause gals can only be pals.

Ladies, are you ready to get fucked up? Because this will fuck you up.

Read about the entrepreneur weed chef, Jaime Lewis.

Rick Snyder—Michigan’s governor who is at the center of the Flint water crisis—has released all his emails concerning Flint and the toxic water.

V.24 No.31 | 7/30/2015


The Daily Word in depression, explosion, combustion and Bugs Bunny

The Daily Word

Another movie theater shooting took place, this time in Louisiana.

After her teeange murder for hire accidentally killed her brother-in-law instead of her spouse, a South Carolina woman was sentenced to life in prison.

This year, The London Literature Festival will include a 4-day live reading of Moby Dick and and a collaborative performance including PJ Harvey.

Here's a guide to understanding depression through colorful charts.

A malaria vaccine has been green-lighted.

The presence of drones has been an obstacle to fighting fires.

This cheese can't be moved.

Bugs Bunny turns 75!

Two people were airlifted to UNM after an explosion occurred at the medical marijuana clinic in Santa Fe.

Vegan? You can still eat like crap with these junk foods.

V.23 No.49 |


The Daily Word In Snobby Egyptian Cats, Laughing Gas And Jesus Handing Out Pot

The Daily Word

If you wanna be the new CEO of Abercrombie (apparently they’re still a store) you can be! Because that one guy quit. Or resigned. Or whatever the “cool kids” do.

A local high school creative writing teacher resigned after controversy surrounding a student's story about Jesus handing out pot. (Why wasn’t she our high school creative writing teacher?!)

And who hasn’t demanded a plane be taxied back to its terminal when flight snacks are served inadequately?

This woman dressed as the Abominable Snowman, and her poodle, Lizard, understand the true meaning of Christmas/life.

Any time we’ve asked for a bite of someone’s brownie, it was NEVER laced with pot. Thanks for nothing!

In other more duh-ish news, a scientist thinks laughing gas is a great way to treat depression! Tell my uptight dentist that. He’s stingy with that shit.

And if you have a genius cat, it’s possible she was once an “Egyptian princess” who was “used to being treated like a deity”

V.23 No.11 | 3/13/2014
A semicolon on Sara Saucedo
Eric Williams

Arts Feature

Resisting Suicide; Using Semicolons

How the right punctuation could save lives

Don’t put a period on the end of your life, says the Semicolon Tattoo Project, now in its second year of encouraging public conversations about suicide and self-harm.
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V.21 No.48 |


The Daily Word in fat stacks, emo countries and Roasted Turkey Doritos

The Daily Word

Someone in Arizona and someone in Missouri bought the winning tickets for the $587.5 million jackpot.

Ask two people in New Mexico to spot you some cash because this morning, they're millionaires.

Feds to probe the culture of APD.

Prompted by religion, a ENMU graduate returned toilet paper he stole from the school years ago.

The world's most emo countries, color-coded.

On Monday, there was no no violent crime in NYC. That anyone knows of.

And fast-food workers there go on strike.

The immortal jellyfish ages backward.

People in India arrested for political Facebook posts.

AP Style Guide—the rulebook for most media—bans the use of "homophobia" in favor of something "more neutral" ... ?

Holiday flavorcountry: Roasted Turkey Doritos.

Down in the dumps? There's a good chance you're going to spend your money foolishly. (Plus: Studies making fun of your spending habits a surefire cure for depression.)

Pro wrestler wants his Romney tattoo erased from his face.

V.21 No.41 | 10/11/2012


The Daily Word in missiles, meth and mind reading.

The Daily Word

There are 350 million depressed people.

North Korea says its missiles can hit the US mainland.

A 132 year old woman died.

Fart teasing led to murder.

When was the last time you played with your sound effect buttons?

Here's a bird falling into a chocolate fountain.

Look at this optical illusion and shake your head side to side. It looks kind of like there's a person there.

Try this creepy mind reader!

Who is Benjamin Kyle?

The Amityville house is back on the market.

A man died in a deadly bug eating contest.

He is actually Luke's father.

The super-sonic skydive is on hold. But might happen … I don’t know.

The cops caught a guy with three pounds of meth.

Happy birthday John Entwistle.

V.18 No.52 |
Marisa Demarco

An 1,800-Mile Plus Bike Ride

Everyone told Marshall Wayne Lee that Texas would be flat. "It is NOT flat," he says.

Lee should know. He just rode his bicycle through there with a basset hound named Antigone strapped into a child's trailer. They left on Oct. 3 from Chicago. and they're heading to the West Coast.

Lee, a veteran who was deployed to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, sold all his belongings this year except for what could fit in a small storage shed. He jokingly refers to the small bike cart as "the U-Haul." He's looking for a job and a new home. They were supposed to be done with their ride by now—1,800 miles along Route 66. But he's taken many diversions to visit friends and family, and he's got quite a ways to go.

He felt trapped in Chicago, working a dead-end job as an assistant office manager at a medical supply company. The same day he was laid off, someone gave him the bike as a gift. Lee's not an avid cyclist, or rather, he wasn't before he began his long journey.

There were dark days in Chicago, when Lee was out of work and suicidal. He'd lost his job, and though he'd sent out 150 résumés, he didn't get a single call back over the course of 10 months. The depression set in, and it was hard to get out of bed, he says. He started to make a plan to end his life. But the nagging questions always went something like this: If I hang myself, how long will it be before someone finds Antigone? What will happen to her?

Without an answer, he says, he was eventually able to pull himself from the grip of depression. He worked on healing himself, and later participated in the Out of the Darkness Overnight, an 18-mile foot trek from dusk until dawn put together by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The walk helped his recovery. "It brought me back to the world."

The ride, too, is connecting him to life again, he says. "It feels great. I was starting to get sad that I wasn't going to be anywhere for Christmas, but then I compared it to life in Chicago," he says. The bills are still there, and he still doesn't have a job. But he's not sitting at home fruitlessly sending out five résumés per day. "When I'm out on the bike, my thoughts go all over. I think about my life and what I want it to be like. I think about my writing. And I look over my shoulder and Antigone's back there, hanging out."

It's triumphant, he says; the ride gives him the sense that he's really doing something and getting his life back together.

As they travel, the duo is bringing awareness to two causes. Basset hound rescue and foster care, is, of course, Antigone's message. She was adopted from the Guardian Angel Basset Rescue, which pulled her out of a puppy mill at about 2 or 3 years old. Her teeth are so messed up, Lee says, it's hard to discern her age. While in the state, she's pointing her spotlight at the Basset Hound Rescue of New Mexico, which is in need of foster families. (Antigone even has her own blog.)

Lee, meanwhile, is trying to bring awareness to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and, locally, the Agora Crisis Center.
Along the way, Lee's met a number of good people, friendly people, particularly in Oklahoma and West Texas. And he learned a thing or two about the meaning of "hill country." He tries to ride 50 miles a day, stopping in cities as he goes. He's gained 10 pounds, he says, but his pants don't fit any differently, so he's hoping it's muscle. "The effect on my emotional health is the most dramatic," he says.

There are a lot of people in America who are probably out of work and struggling with depression, Lee acknowledges. And though he's not a psychologist, he recommends simply getting out of bed as a way to combat it. "Do something every day," he says. "Clean the house. Take a shower. Volunteer somewhere." And be honest with yourself about what you're feeling.

He's got some stats to reel off: Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the United States. It's the third leading cause of death among teenagers, and the third for people aged 18-65. Lee fears we will see a rise in suicide rates during the economic decline, but says we won't know for a few years, because the statistics take time to compile.

In spite of the hills, the rain, the cold—the lack of Starbucks between Robert Lee, Texas, and Roswell, N.M.,—Lee says he knows he's accomplishing something. "I feel like a contributor, instead of just a taker."

If you are in crisis, call the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at 1-800-273-8255 or, locally, Agora at 277-3013