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V.22 No.39 |


The Daily Word in dinosaur erotica, reading along with David Bowie, and yes, the government shutdown

In the news: Day 2 of the, government shutdown, only get worse before it gets better, difficult-to-treat cancer, still get paid!, Basically, different horrible things happen to different horrible people, David Bowie's, "dinosaur beast erotica", animals into stone, RIP Tom Clancy

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V.22 No.25 | 6/20/2013

Idiot Box

Extinct Species

“Primeval: New World” on Syfy

Dinosaurs return (but the original cast doesn’t) in “Primeval: New World” on Syfy.

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V.22 No.22 | 5/30/2013


¡Viva la Science!

When tiny arms became crooked legs

Big Bird is a terrible example to us all, at least when it comes to bird anatomy. Check out those gams and you’ll see why. Like humans, real birds are bipedal, but their legs aren’t straight up and down. Instead, bird legs zigzag in such a way that birds are essentially in a permanent crouch, using their muscles to resist gravity. We humans don’t have to do that―our weight is borne passively on our straighter frames.

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V.22 No.16 | 4/18/2013

video games

Webgame Wednesday on Friday! Jurassic Heart

What kind of person mashes up a Japanese dating sim and dinosaurs? A crazy person, obviously. But that shouldn't stop you from checking out Jurassic Heart, a ridiculous, thunder lizard-themed game that has you trying to pick up on high-school-aged dinos. Of course, being a Japanese dating sim, it’s wordy as hell. But this short taste of the genre is good for a chuckle.

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V.21 No.26 |


The Daily Word in Obamacare, bath salts and UFOs

In the news: health care reform, decision, biff it, spends night in jail, died on motorcycles, Wildfire in Colorado, Miami face-eater was not on bath salts, bombed, believe in UFOs, cold-blooded, Julian Assange, B.J. Novak, Fast and Furious gun sting, Full Metal Jacket, The Star Wars That I Used to Know, assholes in tie clips

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V.21 No.20 | 5/17/2012


The Daily Word in marriage rights, Romney the bully and breastfeeding

In the news: Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, anytime soon, same-sex unions, zebra exhibit, Former APD union boss, folks who don’t own it, cutter of hair he didn’t like, samurai sword, breastfeeding cover, if pterosaurs walked the Earth, dresses, had a girl on it, GPS signals for civilian flights, dog, white shark, triggers, Humpback whales

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V.21 No.15 | 4/12/2012


The Daily Word in Google glasses, Pussy Riot and feathered dinos

In the news: year-round cougar hunting, Augmented reality glasses, Heinrich v. Balderas, Death Star v. Borg Cube, public database, Sky News, private security, rappers on game shows, gas costs so much, Pussy Riot, same-sex couples, Snakehead, great big dinos, brain food, Toys

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V.21 No.2 |


The Daily Word in Mitt's taxes, State of the State and recall in Wisconsin

In the news: probably, Ben Lujan, smokebomb, dark, State of the State address, possible, audio, video, recall, requiring, never, black licorice, Cheer up liberals, telethon, what, rediscovered, about right, me, MEGA PARTY!, ruined, Happy Birthday Danny Kaye!!!

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V.20 No.31 |


The Daily Word: 8.5.11

Facebook, assaulting Philly buses, kidnapping babies, and weasels planning for the future

In the news: bank robber, shoot up Phillu, sister leaves, Officials kidnap babies, Head of India's Congress Party, Juno, Obama didn't lose to GOP, prehistoric blog, Mac vs. PC, South American weasel-like animals

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V.20 No.21 |


The Daily Word: Weinergate, Motorboating A Reporter, Breaking Bad Season 4 Trailer

In the news: Weinergate, gain steam, reporters, dies from head injury, met, sexual assault, F-16s scrambled after midflight fight, cucumbers, porn, orders, trailer!, first game, fake, The world’s oldest mathematical object, Reactions, anomalocaridid, motorboat a reporter, Interrupting old man, reset button, jet-ski accident, 13 best lawyers, old comic book covers, 3 minutes, Happy Birthday René Auberjonois!!!

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V.20 No.19 | 5/12/2011


7 Ancient Wonders

Stories as old as the hills

Ghost Ranch, Bandelier, Sandia Man, Acoma, Chaco, Aztec Ruins and Quarai Ruins

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