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V.23 No.7 | 2/13/2014
Why so unhappy, attractive French people?

Film Review

The Past

Emotional French drama explores the secrets and lies of one very troubled family

By Devin D. O’Leary
The Past is an incredibly subtle movie. Everything is played in low-key, soft voice. Very little is explicit. Mostly because none of these people wants to talk about anything that’s happening. Or has happened.

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V.22 No.35 | 8/29/2013


Rooster Roundabout: This week’s music highlights

By Mark Lopez [ Fri Aug 23 2013 12:36 PM ]

For those of you who are wondering whether ‘N SYNC will reunite at the VMAs this weekend ... here’s what Joey Fatone has to say about it.

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V.20 No.52 |


The Daily Word in what happened in 2011, what's coming in 2012, a divorce over something that happened in the 1940's

By E.J. Maliskas [ Fri Dec 30 2011 9:19 AM ]
In the news: Beloved elderly man, state laws for 2012, ovarian cancer, 77 years, Anti-theft butt cheek recognition car seats, coordinated anti-SOPA blackout, public gathering of breast-feeding moms, CNN's top stories of 2011, Batman iPod dock with built in taser, New Year's Eve resolutions, Facebook poll on Jesus' death, Russia test fires long-range missile with new warhead, Rihanna's forehead, Uncyclopedia
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V.19 No.11 | 3/18/2010

Celebrity B.S.

Kate Winslet: Divorcee

By Devin D. O’Leary [ Mon Mar 15 2010 5:07 PM ]

Over the weekend, actress Kate Winslet and her husband, director Sam Mendes, announced that they have officially separated after less than seven years of marriage. Hot damn! I think I’ve totally got a shot here. I met Ms. Winslet a few years ago during a press junket for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Check out my interview with her from 2004. Speaking from personal experience, the lady is incredibly smart and well spoken, as you might well suspect. She’s also very pretty in person. I’m not saying we flirted or anything. But I am saying I’d leave the wife and kids on Christmas morning, if she asked.

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