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V.22 No.21 |


The Daily Word in the sewer baby, a successful Crackstarter campaign and an exploding house

By Geoffrey Plant [ Tue May 28 2013 9:58 AM ]
In the news: attract Chicagoan tourists, a great time, kids eat their parents' medical marijuana, trade ivory for money and guns, A house BLEW UP in Rio Rancho, rescued from a sewer pipe, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford remains grossly unpopular, "Crackstarter" campaign, The Mayor of Osaka, hoarding is now officially an illness, Don't climb Mount Everest, Impressive, thick fog in Sydney, Happy Birthday John Fogerty, Keep On Chooglin

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V.19 No.7 |

Kinky is (Officially) Not a Diagnosis

The DSM Revision

By Julian Wolf [ Thu Feb 18 2010 5:10 PM ]

Getting an update in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is a big deal, particularly when it's the type of update that officially means that what you do is no longer considered medically problematic. This happened in the 70s in regard to homosexuality, and earlier this month it's happened for kinky people.

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