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V.26 No.14 | 4/6/2017

Best of Burque 2017

Democracy Wins!

The will of the people shall prevail

The results of our Best of Burque reader's poll, featuring winners in fun categories like Best Local Athlete, Best Bike Trail, Best Local Poet, Best Skate Shop, Best Tattoo Artist, Best Cocktails and so much more! These are happy election results full of locals that you know and love.

politician dog

Best of Burque 2017

Civic City


Best City Politician to Get a Pat on the Back

Best of government.

cholo dog

Best of Burque 2017

Burqueño Borough


Best Local Athlete

Best miscellaneous somethings.

art dog

Best of Burque 2017

Creative Corner


Best Local Theater Performance

Best arts.

kid dog

Best of Burque 2017

Sprog Square


Best Place to Take Kids

Best kid stuff.

Best of Burque 2017



Best Bar Staff

Best boozing.

shopping dog

Best of Burque 2017

Material Metropolis


Best Book Store

Best shopping.

service dog

Best of Burque 2017

Service Station


Best Credit Union

Best services.

backpacker dog

Best of Burque 2017

Open Air Abode


Best Place to Hike

Best outdoors.

animal arena poodle

Best of Burque 2017

Animal Arena


Best Place to Board Your Pet

Best for critters.

confused dog

Best of Burque 2017

Best “Best of” Category We Forgot


Best Local Podcast

Best things we didn’t ask.

V.26 No.5 | 2/2/2017
Olivia Hubert and Greg Willerer
Kathleen Hensley

Culture Shock

The Unsettling of America

Author Mark Sundeen profiles farmers on the fringe in his newest book

Sundeen illustrates for readers how possible—not easy—but how definitely possible, it is to live in accordance with one's convictions.

V.25 No.36 | 09/08/2016

The Daily Word in The Wage Gap, Long Lost Poetry and Petite Pterosaurs

The Daily Word

There's no denying America's economic inequality, but a new census shows that the median middle-class income went up by 5.2% in 2015, due to rising wages and low inflation. Thanks, Obama.

… But don't celebrate just yet. College costs are rising steadily relative to middle-class income, with an increase of a whopping 171% over 40 years. Yeesh.

Here's an idea for all you outdoor adrenaline junkies.

Cute tiny dinosaurs! Gah.

“I really felt connected every time our luminescence collided” and more drug-induced Burning Man missed connections.

Roald Dahl, author of The BFG, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox and so many more quirky stories would have turned 100 today. Here's a poem he wrote that was stashed in a desk drawer for a couple decades.

Five states will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana in November and the prospect of legalization is sparking questions about our overall knowledge of the plant's effects on the brain.

V.25 No.35 | 9/1/2016


Where is Governor Susana Martinez?

New Mexico economy collapses while governor rubs elbows with elites

As the N.M. economy struggles, people expecting leadership and teamwork are disappointed by the governor’s absence.

V.25 No.5 | 02/04/2016
The Daily Word


The Daily Word in the toxic cost of consumerism


Just had to get that upgrade? There is a lake in China filled with the toxic, radioactive sludge that is the byproduct of your new smartphone.

"Santa's elves" work for a pittance mass fabricating your useless holiday trinkets.

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