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V.22 No.39 | 9/26/2013


Rowdy’s Dream Blog #314: The Kid Behind the Counter Blew Snot at Me

By Brutus De Cervantes [ Thu Sep 26 2013 1:52 PM ]

G and I embark on a freeway trip in separate vehicles. I lead the way in my gratified coupe. I stop at a roadside diner and go inside. The surly teen behind the counter blows snot at me through a straw, smirks and asks how he can help me. I jump over the counter and pick him up by his shirt, which is full of corn flakes. They crumble and crumbs rain out on the floor. I hock up a big loogie, but decide instead to just set him back down. As I do, he jumps up about four feet in the air. I turn to leave and start out toward my car. Outside, I see the old restaurant inspector leaning against the wall around back, so I head toward him. Just then ex-girlfriend, R, and her family arrive. We all say hello to each other, coolly, and they head inside. The inspector is younger now. He wears a sharkskin, velvet-lapeled suit jacket and he's smoking. I start to tell him about the incident inside. He interrupts me and asks if it was the girl who did it. I tell him yes, having now forgotten the facts.

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V.20 No.42 |


The Daily Word in signs, RUSH, the richest man in the world and plutonium pits

By Geoffrey Plant [ Sun Oct 23 2011 1:21 PM ]
In the news: crime bill, There I fixed it, bicycle, This year my wife is attempting to drink 4 pints of sherry while free falling from 1500 feet, Spike Jonze short, Loretta Lynn, sick, richest man in the world, metallurgy laboratory, C&O Canal, These, these, psycho ex-girlfriend test, Do you like RUSH?, stuck in your head, a drummer BEFORE Neil Peart, More of the Same, Bastille Day, Geddy Lee meets Alex Lifeson for the first time, Happy birthday, Evil Dead

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