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V.22 No.6 | 2/7/2013


Labor of love

By Samantha Anne Carrillo [ Fri Feb 8 2013 3:40 PM ]

Staff writer Mark Lopez explores the history of the love song and modern variations on the theme in The Mystic Myth of the Love Song. Peruse lovey-dovey A/V below, and share the love by posting your favorite modern or classic love song as a comment.

Adele - “One and Only”
Fiona Apple - “Anything We Want”
Everly Brothers - “All I Have to Do is Dream”
Turbonegro - “Good Head”
Peter Gabriel - “In Your Eyes”
The Cure - “Lovesong”
John Mayer - “Your Body is a Wonderland”
Alicia Keys - “No One”
India Arie - “Ready for Love”

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The Mystic Myth of the Love Song

By Mark Lopez
Staff writer Mark Lopez makes a study of modern and vintage love songs in this Love Issue feature.
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