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V.19 No.22 | 6/3/2010


The Daily Word 6.1.10: New Mexico Primary, Stylish Werewolves, The Other Fergie

The Daily Word

Get out there and vote in today’s primary!

Tropical Storm Agatha makes a giant hole in Guatemala City.

A woman who was hit by a car sues Google for faulty Google Map directions.

Kids are wearing yellow contact lenses and fangs in schools these days.

A new poll finds 46 percent of Americans suffer from debt stress.

Sarah Ferguson, videotaped in a hotel attempting to sell access to her ex Prince Andrew, tells Oprah she was just drinking.

The U.S. military withdraws from earthquake-ravaged Haiti today.

24 miles of Louisiana coastline has been fouled due to the Gulf oil spill.

A man shoots an employee and then himself at a North Carolina Target store.

California is split in half when it comes to Arizona’s SB 1070.

PNM wants a 21 percent rate hike on your electric bill.

Worker bees swarm Wall Street on Memorial Day. Are they trying to tell us something?

Moriarty may be the future site of a memorial for DWI victims.

V.19 No.18 | 5/6/2010


The Daily Word 5.24.10: Mark Twain, Mummies, Fergie.

The Daily Word

Today is the 100th anniversary of Mark Twain’s death, and today his autobiography will be revealed.

A socklifter gets life in prison for flashing his gun at Walmart.

Get ready for war in Korea.

57 new (old) mummy tombs were found in Egypt.

Fergie offered to sell a reporter access to Prince Andrew.

People don’t grow up until they’re 34 now.

Gang members create a state of emergency in Jamaica.

Bill Clinton got rear-ended.

Here’s a man likes to talk about scrubbing a child’s face off with acid. His crazy opinions are his own.

It is possible for a man of vision and determination to break a board over his head.

Crazy people think up cool stuff, and vice versa.

Projections on buildings.

I will be in Northern MN (Ottertail County) in a couple weeks, looking for the yeti.

There’s a bosque fire north of Alameda.

What will happen at the City Council’s emergency budget meeting tonight?

Good for you, UNM duckpond.

Oscar Orejel and Jean “Pablo” Narvaez are sought in the shooting death of Miguel Barragan.

It’s Billy Gilman’s birthday. I got him a model airplane!

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