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V.23 No.8 | 2/20/2014
“Sasha Reading VI” by Jamie Chase from FOLIO at Matthews Gallery

Culture Shock

Art by the mouthful

Deliciousness with your art, a smutty local gallery reopens and a local poet hates coconut margaritas in this week’s Culture Shock.

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Rooster Roundabout: This week’s music highlights

The diva herself is back to claim her spot on the music charts. Mariah Carey came out with a new single this week, and the accompanying video finds Carey embracing the tropical outdoors as she sings this longing-for-love ditty. The song is titled “You're Mine (Eternal),” and it's pretty much up to par with the stuff she showcased on The Emancipation of Mimi (see “We Belong Together” and “Shake It Off”), which isn't a bad thing. It just means Ms. Carey knows her niche, and she's stickin' to it. Watch the video below.

'Member how I mentioned Thee Oh Sees were going on temporary hiatus … and how frontman John Dwyer was coming out with a solo electronic LP under the name Damaged Bug … and how I expressed regret that such garage-psych weirdos are hard to find—at least good ones. Well now Thee Oh Sees are coming out with a new record titled Drop, which is scheduled to “drop” April 29. While this is good news … great news, in fact … a part of me is still wondering whether the band is back together or just giving fans one last hurrah before they leave us lonely. Head to Stereogum to view the cover art and tracklist, and listen to the album's opening track below.

My first recollection of Dolly Parton was seeing her musical cameo in the film adaptation of “The Beverly Hillbillies.” And I remember as a kid being shocked at the revelation that she was the original singer of “I Will Always Love You.” No offense, Dolly, but Whitney nailed it. Regardless, I've always had this fondness and appreciation for Parton, and old roommates used to have “Jolene” blasting because the Austin hipsters caught on to old country ... for about a week. Back to the topic at hand, Parton has announced a new album (Blue Smoke) that's set to come out May 13, and the singer iterates that, “On this CD I think there are all of the colors of my life in all the areas of music that you've allowed me to dabble in through the years.” For more info, surf on over to Billboard.

Bright Eyes emerged within my circle of friends during junior year of high school, and most alternative, hip kids caught on to Conor Oberst's project pretty quick, trading copies of Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, among others. I really only fell into the deep trance of music love when I heard I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning. (See “Landlocked Blues”). But Oberst is fairly prolific and a great songwriter, so it's only appropriate that he's still putting out material. He's announced a new album (Upside Down Mountain) and has debuted a track off the record. It's titled “Hundreds of Ways,” and you can listen to it below.

Conor Oberst - “Hundreds of Ways”

It looks like Kelis is officially back! I mentioned a while back that Kelis was coming out with a new record (titled Food), which was produced by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek. And now Kelis has released a track from the album. Judging from these sounds, this woman has come a long way from “Milkshake.” Not like that was a bad song or anything, but you get the idea. Listen to “Rumble” below.

The lineup for Austin Psych Fest has surfaced, and just from glancing at it, I can authoritatively predict this year's fest is going to be friggin’ sweet. It's okay, Burqueños; Austin's only about a 12-hour drive away … and that's only if you drive like old people screw. But just to give you a minor glimpse as to the reputable names gracing them stages with their presence(s), the performing groups include The Brian Jonestown Massacre (who are great live!), The Dandy Warhols, Black Lips, The War on Drugs, Pure X, The Horrors and much, much more. You can check out the full lineup over at Stereogum. The festival itself happens from May 2 to 4 at Carson Creek Ranch.

I'd never listened to Metronomy before watching their video for the track “Love Letters,” off their upcoming record of the same name. And I'll admit that the only reason I even watched the video was because of its director: Michel Gondry. An old roommate had a DVD compilation of Michel Gondry-directed videos from names like The White Stripes, Beck and Bjork, and it's nice to see his aesthetics are consistent and constantly evolving at the same time. As for Metronomy, I probably won't give them more than the time I've already invested in writing this, but you can view the video below.

Metronomy - “Love Letters”

Brody Dalle: That's a name I haven't come across in some time. Granted, when I was a big fan of The Distillers, it was Brody Armstrong, but that's neither here nor there. Needless to say, Ms. Dalle has been working on some new material for an upcoming album. Music blogs don't seem to know the name of the album or when it comes out, but Brody—we're on a first-name basis—has come out with a new track (titled “Meet The Foetus / Oh The Joy”). That's a mouthful, and you can stream the track below.

I've always been a fan of music biopics. From What's Love Got to Do with It to La Bamba to The Temptations, I'm all about them. And I'm especially excited about the forthcoming Tupac biopic because it's going to be directed by John Singleton (of Boyz n the Hood fame). No word yet on who is playing the man himself or when the film will hit theaters, but this is exciting news nonetheless.

Just in time for spring, The Walkmen's Walter Martin delivers a track that’s so twee you might hate it so much that you'll end up loving it forever, snuggling with it under a blanket and singing along to it till you hate it once again. But right now, I love it. And it features Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O, so it's got that added oomph factor. But don't take my word for it. The track (titled “Sing to Me”) comes off Martin's upcoming solo LP We're All Young Together, which hits stores and online markets on May 13. That's plenty of time for you to love it, then hate it and then love it again.

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    Rooster Roundabout: This week’s music highlights

    I'm sure a lot of people were sad after LCD Soundsystem decided to call it quits, especially after releasing the stellar This Is Happening in 2010. But all good things … Anyways, front man James Murphy recently told Rolling Stone that he's working on the live album for their final show at Madison Square Garden (the subject of the rock doc Shut Up and Play the Hits). You can read more of interview here.

    LCD Soundsystem - “Drunk Girls”

    Spotify wins out again (as if taking over the world's streaming sinuses weren't enough). Led Zeppelin's entire catalogue will now be available for free listening on the service. So if you're one of those who's too lazy to get out to a record store (or even purchase the physical albums online), then your wish has come true. So head over to your Spotify page, and climb that “stairway to heaven.”

    Don't you love it when innovative and interesting musicians become such restless artists that they keep releasing innovative and interesting music over and over? Well, this is from judging one song. But St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, has announced a self-titled album that's set to hit music markets on Feb. 25. Clark has made the track “Birth in Reverse” available online. You can hear that below.

    St. Vincent - “Birth in Reverse”

    Don't you just love love songs? No? What's wrong with you? Having already spilled my guts by ruminating over the “myth of the love song,” I've just come to accept that it's a notion that never dies. Maybe that's why artists like Beck, Fiona Apple, Blake Mills, Jim James and more have taken to covering famous love songs for the Sweetheart 2014 compilation. You can hear Jim James' cover of Bob Marley's “Turn Your Lights Down Low” below, and head over to Pitchfork to get a full tracklist.

    I feel as if Black Lips are one of those bands that you can only really appreciate if you were into them from the beginning. Granted, I've only heard their album Good Bad Not Evil (which was a good album), but after seeing them live at Emo's in Austin, Texas, the underwhelming concert wasn't enough to make me a faithful listener. Oh well … now the band has announced a new record (Underneath the Rainbow), and it was partially produced by the overrated Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney. Let's just say I probably won't get to this one.

    The bossy lady herself, Kelis, has announced that she's coming out with a new album. The album, supposedly titled Food, is being produced by Dave Sitek (of TV on the Radio) and is slated to come out on April 28. Kelis' last album took listeners on a techno-club journey, whereas her previous efforts had a more pop-friendly rap/R&B vibe to them, so who knows what this new record holds? Either way, I'm intrigued.

    Kelis feat. Too $hort - “Bossy”

    Mark March 25 on your calendars. It will be a golden day indeed. Because that's the day that a “lost” Johnny Cash album (titled Out Among the Stars) is scheduled to be released. According to Pitchfork, the album was recorded in 1981, and John Carter Cash (Cash's son, duh) took the helm in restoring the recordings, which contain duets with June Carter Cash and Waylon Jennings. This is good news, folks. Good news.

    You mean to tell me that kid from Home Alone is in a “pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band”? Seriously? You're not joking? Come on … And there's a demo??? And a video of their first concert???

    Movie soundtracks: Those fuckers can be a hefty bore or a good time … depending on how you look at it. David O. Russell's new film American Hustle is getting the soundtrack treatment that will be available in stores on Dec. 24. But the reason this soundtrack is extra special is because it has a new track by Jeff Lynne … yes, the front man, songwriter, composer, singer, the list goes on and on, of E.L.O. The track is titled “Stream of Stars,” and you can give it a listen below.

    Wow … I must have been half-asleep if I didn't even know The Sounds had released a new album (titled Weekend) in October. Oops. But now they've premiered a video for their track “Hurt the Ones I Love.” This is my first introduction to their newer stuff, which seems to follow more closely to their work on Crossing the Rubicon. But I've always been more partial to the dance-pop-punk craze that dominated Living in America. You can view their new video below.

    The Sounds - “Hurt the Ones I Love”

    I could get better with rap. OK, I need to get better with rap. While my musical palate is rudimentary at best when it comes to rap and hip-hop, I always appreciate a good beat, some slick rhymes and good production. And that's what's happening on Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip's track, “Butch & Sundance,” off their mixtape The Abstract & The Dragon, which became available this week for streaming and downloading. You can hear the track below.

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      The Daily Word in moon poop, the world's top brand and the "Breaking Bad" finale

      A partial government shutdown sounds serious, no? So, USA Today has answered some important questions as to what that entails.

      A business jet crashed into a Santa Monica Airport hangar on Sunday leaving no survivors. Officials aren't quite sure how many people were onboard.

      What kind of world is this when computers beat out soda pop for top brand?

      Excuse me, Mr. Whac-A-Mole, I think your warehouse is on fire.

      It's no secret that astronauts have left behind some sort of memento to commemorate their time on the moon, but who knew it'd be something so personal?

      Are you one of those people that never eats food past its expiration date? Here are a few tips to gauge whether you're throwing away perfectly good food.

      Now that we say good-bye to “Breaking Bad” (though not all of us), let's see what others had to say about the show's finale. Oh, and no spoilers here.

      Santa Fe's Heavenly Boutique is back open after the FBI raided it last week and found 7,300 mg of Oxycodone, a prescription pain medicine.

      Anthony Bourdain likes New Mexico's green chile best!


        The Daily Word in the Bulger trial, a bomb-throwing beauty queen and singing canines

        The defense says he was an informant; the prosecution says he's a murderer. Bulger's trial should come to a close this afternoon.

        Talk about the future in food ...

        It looks like the recently crowned Miss Riverton isn't your average bombshell.

        Two people were injured in a shootout that targeted the Black Berets motorcycle club. The Black Berets say “it ain't over.”

        In Bernalillo County, a man was shot and killed by police on Sunday evening after threatening a deputy.

        Apparently breaking into public pools for a late-night dip isn't enough …

        The “Old Main” prison, which been closed for 15 years, could become “New Mexico's Alcatraz.

        It seems like Daft Punk might be popular with canines as well.

          Review Roundup

          Chew on This: Book reviews that’ll make your mouth water

          Food and words go together like green chile and cheese. In other words, deliciously. In honor of Alibi’s delectable 2013 Summer Dining Guide, we offer up this buffet of new book reviews in perfectly-sized portions.

          Whet your appetite with Julian Wolf’s review of Steal the Menu: A Memoir of Forty Years in Food. Of this collection of essays from longtime New York Times food critic Raymond Sokolov, Wolf says, “The successes and missteps of such a long and distinguished career left me hungry to take more risks in my professional life—and when deciding what’s for dinner.”

          For your next course, we recommend something funny, flavorful and full of pirates. As Jyllian Roach points out in her appraisal of Cinnamon and Gunpowder by Eli Brown, “A delicious weekly meal on a pirate ship with a poorly stocked pantry is a harder task than you might imagine.”

          Haven’t had your fill yet? There’s plenty more to tempt you. Grab a heaping plateful of literary goodness with any of these recent Alibi book reviews:

          Down and Out in MacedoniaThe Sweet Girl by Annabel Lyon

          Joy Harjo’s Brave VoiceCrazy Brave: A Memoir by Joy Harjo

          Unlocking Your Inner BAMFYou Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

          Book a Trip with Trains and LoversTrains and Lovers by Alexander McCall Smith

          The Future Unfolds25 Perfect Days by Mark Tullius

          Bon appetite, booklovers.


            I’ll Take My Hot Sauce Unleaded, Thanks

            Dave_B_ via Flickr

            ¡Ay, no! A study recently published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Health found evidence that four chile-based hot sauces imported from Mexico may contain unsafe levels of lead.

            Researchers from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas bought 25 bottles of hot sauce from local venues (grocery stores, ethnic markets and the swap meet). Each bottle was shaken for 60 seconds and then checked for lead concentrations, reports the UNLV News Center.

            The FDA hasn’t set a standard for the amount of lead that can be in hot sauce. However, there’s no known safe level of lead exposure, and children are particularly vulnerable to lead’s damaging effects. For candy, the FDA has set a standard for lead concentrations at 0.1 parts per million (ppm). According to Shawn Gerstenberger, one of the study’s authors, the same level should be applied toward hot sauces. He adds, “Without enforceable standards for hot sauces and condiments, manufacturers will not be encouraged to improve quality control measures designed to reduce the amounts of lead and other toxic elements before exporting.”

            The four culprits in this pilot study reported to exceed the 0.1 ppm FDA standard for lead in candy are: Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero, manufactured by El Yucateco; El Pato Salsa Picante, manufactured by Walker Foods; Salsa Habanera, manufactured by Salsas Castillo and Bufalo Salsa Clasica, manufactured by Herdez.

            Walker Foods has released a statement on its website pointing out that only one of seven samples used in the UNLV study contained a significant level of lead (0.23 ppm), while the other six samples were well below the study’s suggested threshold of 0.1 ppm. They are, however, discontinuing their El Pato Red Salsa Picante. So far, the other salsa manufacturers remain mum.

            Though hot sauce is typically consumed in small quantities, if it’s a regular part of your or your child’s diet, you might want to be careful. It could contribute to unsafe levels of exposure to lead, especially when combined with other sources of exposure such as soil or paint manufactured before 1978.

              V.22 No.30 | 7/25/2013

              Book Review

              Delicious Reading Is On the Menu

              Steal the Menu: A Memoir of Forty Years in Food

              If anyone’s going to have some good stories about the food world, it’sThe New York Times food editor. Julian Wolf has the tasty scoop.

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              V.22 No.17 | 4/25/2013
              2012 Miss Indian World talent competition
              Derek Mathews

              Art Preview

              Powwow Power

              Gathering reps Native culture

              Celebrate 30 years of Indian tacos, competitive dancing and paying tribute to tradition this year at Albuquerque’s own Gathering of Nations. The Gathering is North America’s most prominent powwow, and it will host tens of thousands of guests and representatives from more than 700 Native and Aboriginal tribes throughout the United States, Canada and all over to honor Indigenous cultures and traditions through dance, music, food and the crowning of the next Miss Indian World

              View in Alibi calendar calendar

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              The Daily Word in fat stacks, emo countries and Roasted Turkey Doritos

              Someone in Arizona and someone in Missouri bought the winning tickets for the $587.5 million jackpot.

              Ask two people in New Mexico to spot you some cash because this morning, they're millionaires.

              Feds to probe the culture of APD.

              Prompted by religion, a ENMU graduate returned toilet paper he stole from the school years ago.

              The world's most emo countries, color-coded.

              On Monday, there was no no violent crime in NYC. That anyone knows of.

              And fast-food workers there go on strike.

              The immortal jellyfish ages backward.

              People in India arrested for political Facebook posts.

              AP Style Guide—the rulebook for most media—bans the use of "homophobia" in favor of something "more neutral" ... ?

              Holiday flavorcountry: Roasted Turkey Doritos.

              Down in the dumps? There's a good chance you're going to spend your money foolishly. (Plus: Studies making fun of your spending habits a surefire cure for depression.)

              Pro wrestler wants his Romney tattoo erased from his face.


                The Daily Word in lawmaker cam, Taco Bell and Puerto Rico

                APS bosses get raises, teachers pissed.

                Legislators suspicious of Gov. Martinez filming them in the Roundhouse.

                Taco Bell unveils baked potato wrapped in a tortilla.

                State cop takes a woman into custody and then has sex with her in his patrol car on their way to jail. No charges are filed.

                Guy slices his tongue to get his wife back.

                The Tea Party says it’s Romney’s fault.

                Your brain and music.

                Welcome to Middle-Earth Airlines.

                Diane Sawyer, drinking wine, taking meds, making coke jokes.

                The worst appearances of musicians in sci-fi movies.

                Google unveils JAM, which is, roughly, Garage Band. Here’s other stuff Google has wasted money on.

                For balance: Forgotten Apple products of yore.

                For x-mas, please buy me a petri dish ornament.

                Puerto Rico is thinking it wants to be a state.

                Neil Gaiman writes some “Doctor Who,” tries to salvage the glory of the Cybermen.

                  V.21 No.45 | 11/8/2012
                  Most chile is descended from the New Mexico No. 9 pepper.
                  Eric Williams

                  The Mouthful

                  A Myth, Hatched

                  Food editor Ty Bannerman uncovers a chile conspiracy.

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                  The Daily Word in dog cop, Hoffa and Morrisey

                  27-year-old Abiquiú writer wins $53,000 on “Jeopardy.”

                  A KRQE interview with Chris Johnson, co-ower of the Weekly Alibi who also founded The Onion.

                  Schools around town give Breathalyzer tests to see if students are drunk.

                  In Vaughn, N.M., the only member of the police force is a dog.

                  How to casually exit a semitruck smash.

                  Is the Earth trying to shake us off?

                  British words creeping into American English.

                  What’s the deal with gluten?

                  Samuel L. Jackson curses his way through a children’s story in the name of politics.

                  Hand gestures can tell you what’s really going on.

                  Police look for Jimmy Hoffa under a driveway in Detroit.

                  Romney can’t keep his lines straight on health care.

                  Mexican navy captures top Los Zetas guy.

                  Controversial Morrisey stances.

                  A letter from teenage Morrisey about how the Ramones are rubbish.

                  Honey Boo Boo nickname generator.

                  The worst children’s toys ever.

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