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Gone but not forgotten


Yes we have no praline cookies

Albuquerque's Frontier Restaurant ditched their flavored sugar slabs.

I dropped into the Frontier this morning for the express purpose of purchasing a pile of their praline cookies. I once had a room mate who subsisted on these marvels of the culinary world, and soon found myself buying them by the dozen. It's obviously been some time since I had one (or twenty) since Frontier hasn't made the cookies in over a year! Sigh. I got a sweet roll instead but ended up giving it away. I did treat myself to a cup of their fresh-squeezed orange juice, leading me to ponder one of the many legends surrounding the Frontier: do they really add Tang to the orange juice?

Perhaps I'll add a category to the "anything we forgot" section in Alibi's 2012 Best of Burque Restaurants poll: Most Missed Cookie in Albuquerque. Voting ends September Fourth at high noon. Vote Now!

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I totally see religious symbols in there.
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How long have you been going to Frontier?

It’s been open for four decades. How long have you been striding atop its brown-tiled floors? I know more than one person whose first solid food was a Frontier tortilla.

This week Toby Smith interviewed longtime patrons of the UNM area’s favorite eatery. It’s a great read because most good stories are stories about people.

... there are the regulars, habitués addicted to shambling the lunch-hour queue, mulling the mélange of artwork, searching the diners for a familiar face.

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Gordy Andersen at Mom’s
Eric Williams


The Frontier at 40

Sweet rolls, good memories

In four decades, no one has died at 2400 Central SE. This according to majordoughmo Larry Rainosek, who has greeted gut-growling crowds there since Day 1 back in 1971.
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Are you a hardcore Frontier regular? A lifer?

Do Western-style hashbrowns beckon you at all hours of the night? Or maybe it’s John Wayne, smiling slightly, his image called forth by hundreds of nails. Do you hole up in a corner booth in the glow of your laptop with sweet butter from a Frontier roll glistening around your lips? Have you, when broke, calculated which menu item costs the least but weighs the most? Do you read ¡Ask a Mexican! while waiting for your number to appear on the digital screen?

Have your feet crossed this UNM staple’s threshold for, literally, decades? We want to hear from you. Email

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