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V.19 No.14 | 4/8/2010


Gifts for Fools

By Devin D. O’Leary [ Thu Apr 1 2010 2:29 PM ]

Every year at this exact time, nerdy online retailer Think Geek offers the absolute coolest stuff for sale. Too bad none of it’s real. But which items are real and which are fake? The Dharma Initiative alarm clock? The WiiHelm? The iPad arcade cabinet? Canned unicorn meat? Some of this stuff is so damn cool they’ve actually produced it for real (the Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping bag, for example). Argh! Must have Tribbles ’N’ Bits. They stay fuzzy in milk!

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V.18 No.52 | 12/24/2009

Re-Gifting Gone Bad

By Marisa Demarco [ Wed Dec 23 2009 11:51 AM ]

This lady opens a wine storage unit to find narsty rotting cheese and sausage meant for the original recipient years ago.

One in five Americans re-gift.

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V.18 No.50 |
"Strike" by Emily Timberlake
"Strike" by Emily Timberlake

Speaking of Last-Minute Gifts...

By Julia Mandeville [ Wed Dec 16 2009 9:40 AM ]

Have you been to Corrales Bosque Gallery? It's a co-operative. And not like La Montanita. (Hey, hey. Take it easy. I'm a member. Nob Hill branch.) But a true co-op. Each of the 20 belonging artists pays an annual membership fee and commits about seven hours of gallery supervision per month. By virtue of this structure, there is no one on payroll; the artists run the shop, manage the space, keep the books, handle the publicity, conceive and create the product. Just as they have for the last decade and a half. And all while they fundraise for the community, whether to sponsor the teen artist series at Corrales Public Library or to support the mission of Road Runner food bank.

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V.18 No.47 | 11/19/2009

Food Lover's Gift Guide

Just Desserts

Sweet gifts from a trio of local food artisans

By Laura Marrich

Un Petit Morceau

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