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V.21 No.15 | 4/12/2012

Celebrity b.s.

William Devane loves only gold. Enter his web of sin.

By Nick Brown [ Thu Apr 26 2012 9:13 PM ]

Crackpot Hollywood has-been William Devane wants me to buy gold as a hedge against impending global collapse. He also loves to run his fingers through piles of gold coins like an evil cartoon king in the treasure room. It’s troublesome to think how dangerously gold crazy he might become. I imagine him burying chests of gold in his back yard so Randy Quaid can’t get them. All transactions not satisfied in pure gold should expect a hearty “Good day to you sir” from veteran actor William Devane. Maybe he’s just acting, I dunno. He sure seems to like gold.

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V.20 No.45 |


The Daily Word in Penn State riots, UC Berkeley beatdown and the 90-foot-wave surver

By Marisa Demarco [ Thu Nov 10 2011 10:18 AM ]
In the news: Local credit unions, Navajos, N.M. rattlers, Perry, machine gun, 90-foot wave, ghost bike, trailer park, Marilyn Monroe, Caviar lipstick, clubs, Penn State students riot, West Africa, Ex-banker, "downer" animals, gold, The Leila texts

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V.20 No.25 |

time wasting internet trivia


Not just a facade

By Geoffrey Plant [ Thu Jun 23 2011 2:35 PM ]

Did you know those Brady Bunch-looking gold panels that surround the Bank of the West Building on Central at San Mateo actually have gold in them?

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