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V.23 No.38 | 9/18/2014
Jesse Schulz


Rooster Roundabout: This week’s music highlights

By Mark Lopez [ Fri Sep 12 2014 3:55 PM ]
Writer Mark Lopez muses on a new Alicia Keys video, a surprise U2 record and Mary J. Blige’s London sessions.
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V.21 No.28 | 7/12/2012

video games

Webgame Wednesday on Thursday: Flooded Village

By Devin D. O’Leary [ Thu Jul 19 2012 2:55 PM ]

Dig a trench from the river to water the plants and float the boats. Don't drown the people. Sounds simple enough, but the grid-based puzzler Flooded Village throws enough twists and turns at you to keep the old think-box working overtime. Further impediments (like ice) rear their ugly heads, forcing you to make more convoluted excavations in the landscape. What are you waiting for? Get digging!

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