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V.19 No.30 | 7/29/2010


American Posers: The Yoga Interviews

The Alibi’s Patricia Sauthoff speaks with authors Stephanie Syman and Mark Singelton about the cultural history of yoga in America

Yoga-junkies, wrap your mind around asanas and more with the Alibi’s interviews with authors Stefanie Syman and Mark Singleton. We spoke with Syman over the phone during the first leg of her book tour and sat down with Singleton at Santa Fe’s Body Café (which explains the clinking in the background). Both interviews have been edited slightly for time and to take out the bits where we wandered off topic. Now, pardon us, all this yoga research reminds us we’ve got a pose to perfect…

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V.19 No.15 |


The Daily Word 04.21.10:Pollen Count, RIP Guru, Scott Baio Rant

By Tom Nayder [ Wed Apr 21 2010 9:23 AM ]
In the news: voids, Guru:, booby traps, Belen lays off 25% of its workforce, pollen count, finger stolen, season-finale, renewed, non-alcoholic mimosa?, had a bit of a meltdown, Librarians like to do it in the rare book room (if you know what I mean), 7-Eleven brand beer?, delete your Facebook account, This guy, insides

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