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Top 10 People I'm Not Friends With

You Know Who You Are

10. People who talk to me in the elevator
9. People who tape political bumper stickers inside their car windows
8. People with nice hair
7. People who use the word "colleagues"
6. Couponers
5. People who buy lottery tickets
4. Drunk people / sober people
3. Bluetooth earpiece people
2. People who wear football jerseys on Sundays
1. People who back into parking spaces

V.19 No.13 | 4/1/2010
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Democrats Hate Robotech?

So, yeah. Over the weekend, New Hampshire State Rep. Nick Levasseur apparently put a post on his Facebook page slagging anime and by extension the entire nation of Japan. He wrote—and I quote—“anime is a prime example that 2 nukes just wasn’t enough.” First off, two obvious things: 1) He was joking, 2) The joke is in incredibly poor taste. Now, the less obvious point: Why in the hell was an elected official wasting his time—even if it was just a Facebook post—ripping on Japanese animation? Is this what we hired this dork for? Doesn’t he have better things to do with his time? Shouldn’t he be insulting John Boehner instead? I know—because Rush Limbaugh told me—that Democrats hate freedom. But do they also have to hate giant robots, large-breasted schoolgirls in tiny skirts and squeaky-voiced cartoon animals?