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V.18 No.21 | 5/21/2009

Hot Polling Action #58

You inherit five million dollars the same day aliens land on the Earth and say they're going to blow it up in two days. What do you do?

This question is lifted from a lunchtime poll in the 1988 dark teen comedy, Heathers. What would you do with unlimited funds at the end of the world?

I think I’d buy a bunch of diamonds and furs and Dom Perignon and Cheetos, dye my hair Easter egg purple and just roll around in thousand dollar bills ...

V.18 No.20 | 5/14/2009

Hot Polling Action #57

Have you ever been in a movie?

It doesn’t matter whether you were in Citizen Kane or some piece o shit student film—were you ever in a movie? If so, what was it?

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V.18 No.19 | 5/7/2009
We wish we were there, too!

Hot Polling Action #56

Are you going on vacation this summer?

Economic crisis, global pandemics, plagues of locusts: Minus that last one (we hope), there may be some obstacles to travel in summer ’09. Or not. Are you taking a vacation this summer? If so, where? Care to share any stories of notable vacations past?

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V.18 No.18 | 4/30/2009
Behold this Barack Obama portrait, made entirely out of breakfast cereal. (And find more at

Hot Polling Action #55

What’s your favorite sugary cereal?

I didn’t eat Cap’n Crunch until I was in high school. My house was healthy like that. All my friends who had sugary cereal in their pantries were the same friends who had MTV—so therefore cooler, but also more prone to diabetes and idiot box syndrome. No one knew that then, though, so they were just cooler.

So tell me, cool kids, what magically delicious cereal was (excuse me, is) your favorite?

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Ye olde colonial man pauses to pose for an etching whilst hunting pheasant.

Hot Polling Action #54

Do you own a gun?

According to, 40 percent of American homes have guns. Are you exercising your right to bear arms? Why or why not?

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V.18 No.17 | 4/23/2009
“He conquered an empire with his sword. She conquered HIM with her bare hands.”

Hot Polling Action #53

What’s the best ‘80s fantasy film?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's oily pecs in Conan The Barbarian, Jim Henson’s creepy old puppets in The Dark Crystal, Terry Gilliam’s travels through history in Time Bandits or Father Christmas demystified in Santa Claus, which is the best?

Furthermore, what’s your favorite ‘80s fantasy film?

V.18 No.15 | 4/9/2009
The Cosmic Man walks among us.

Hot Polling Action #52

Do you believe aliens have visited Earth?

Acknowledging the strong possibility of intelligent life on other planets is easy, but as to whether that intelligent life has paid our little planet a visit is another thing. Do you think alien beings have partied on Earth? And by partied I mean conducted anal probing, and placed confusing symbols in wheat fields, and crashed spacecraft into desert farms, and visited people in their beds at night, and the like. Pesky aliens.

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V.18 No.14 | 4/2/2009
Ye olde baseball team.

Hot Polling Action #51

What’s your favorite Albuquerque nickname?

An Albuquerque by any other name would smell as beany. Nevertheless our town’s sometimes contentious pseudonyms are a large part of local culture. From the Duke City to Burque to city-backed marketing moniker, The Q, to my favorite, The Kirk, Albuquerque can’t seem to stick to just one nickname. Which do you prefer? Log in to vote in the poll (green box at left) and leave your comments below.

V.18 No.13 | 3/26/2009
“Come all ye forest sprites and dance round me mushroom gnome home. Even ladybug is invited. He, heee!”

Hot Polling Action #50

Do you like mushrooms?

Wow, the Hot Polling Action series made it to its golden anniversary. And we’re still as much in love as the first day we met. To celebrate, this week we’re asking this topical and cutting edge question: Do you like mushrooms?

Delicious? Disgusting? Interesting? Or do they not excite you at all?

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V.18 No.12 | 3/19/2009
This is where the magic happens.

Hot Polling Action #49

What is the U.S.'s role in the Juárez drug war?

In this week’s feature Maren Tarro writes about Mexico’s drug war, the thousands of deaths that have resulted from it and the impact it’s having on Juárez. The U.S. being “the world’s most lucrative market for illegal drugs,” do you think we are responsible completely, incidentally or not at all. Log in to vote in the poll (green box at left), and leave your comments below.

V.18 No.11 | 3/12/2009
Shred, mayor, shred!


Hot Polling Action #48

Should Martin Chavez try for a fourth (and third consecutive) term as mayor?

It looks as though Mayor Martin Chavez will indeed run for a fourth term, but has yet to confirm his candidacy. Earlier this year Chavez initiated a repeal of city policy that prevented mayors from serving more than two consecutive terms. Hmm. Do you think Martin Chavez should run for mayor again? Log in to cast your vote (green box at left), and leave comments below.

V.18 No.10 | 3/5/2009
A diagram of the supposed configuration of a serial killer brain.

Hot Polling Action #47

What is responsible for the bodies on the West Mesa?

Thirteen skeletons have been discovered on Albuquerque’s West Mesa to date. We’ve made national news (I saw the story on CNN). “Serial killer” seems to be what’s on the lips of many, but not everyone is sure. What do you think?

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V.18 No.9 | 2/26/2009

Hot Polling Action #46

Is Albuquerque law Enforcement out to ruin your fun?

This week, the handsome and effortlessly charming Simon McCormack wrote a story about Albuquerque's Safe City Strike Force shutting down a fetish performance. The head of the Strike Force says the venue where the show was scheduled to take place was zoned for residential activities. Since the venue was charging a cover at the door (something you can only do in commercially zoned areas) the Strike Force put the kibosh on it.

So, when you're out looking to enjoy yourself, do you think local law enforcement is out to rain on your parade? Log in to vote in this week’s poll (green box at left) and leave your comments below.

V.18 No.8 | 2/19/2009
Ok, Diablo Cody winning last year was pretty cool.

Hot Polling Action #45

Do you care about the Academy Awards?

The frivilous celebration of Hollywood movies known as The Oscars is set to air on Sunday, Feb. 22. I didn’t know that until just now. Why? Because I don’t really care. Do you? Log in to vote in this week’s poll (green box at left) and leave your comments below.

V.18 No.7 | 2/12/2009
Love comes in many forms...and sometimes with rockets.

Hot Polling Action #44

Do you love Valentine’s Day?

I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day cheeses me out. Though, candy is good. Otherwise I feel fairly indifferent about the holiday, which, incidentally, has an interesting history filled with diabolical Romans, February as the beginning of spring and pagan fertility celebrations. Furthermore, the Wikipedia entry on love (”as an abstract concept...”) is an amusing read.

So what are your feelings on this month’s love-based holiday? Are they tender or is your heart black and cold? Log in to vote in the poll—green box at left—and leave your comments below.