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V.23 No.31 |


The Daily Word in border bills, CIA spies and a penis cloud

In the news: three-day truce between Israel and Palestine, border bill, mother who went missing, Former president Bill Clinton, Senate Intelligence Committee, alleged drug and prostitution ring, It's tax free weekend, y'all!, accused of voyeurism, Tony Day, Penis cloud!

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V.23 No.29 | 7/17/2014


Sins of the Past, Crimes of the Present

Mass graves and the impending border crisis

Erika Wurth discusses the connection between a mass grave in Canada and a detention center for children in New Mexico.

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V.23 No.27 |


The Daily Word in Doritos Roulette, Sarah Palin opened her mouth and Insane Clown Posse fans are a "gang"

In the news: A Mason Jar exploded, A prisoner escaped from MDC, slowest internet speeds in the nation, Obama is asking Congress for 4 million dollars, Insane Clown Posse, State declarations and nuclear-free zones, arah Palin is calling for President Obama's impeachment, Jack Kevorkian's Deathmobile, One fifth of Detroit, Three new species of mushroom, Doritos Roulette"

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V.23 No.26 |


The Daily Word in "The View," medical marijuana and forgotten dough

In the news: Twelve-year-old Charlie Bothuell V, Massachusetts law that banned protesters within 35 feet of abortion clinics, cuts ties, The View, medical marijuana prescriptions, impairment fees, interviews with APD officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez, a big save, A facility to open in Artesia, N.M, Now this is a photo with a story

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V.22 No.49 | 12/5/2013
Winning photo by UNM art education graduate student Junfu Han
Winning photo by UNM art education graduate student Junfu Han


An Education Without Borders

Winning photograph speaks volumes

Winner of the 1st Annual International Education Week photo contest encompasses history and place.

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V.22 No.39 |


The Daily Word in crap in a bag, protesters in the poke and the house of turds

The Affordable Care Act officially takes effect today

In the news: the nation, New Mexico, public fountains, undocumented youths are in custody, Obamacare, enrollment websites, not working, mating season for tarantulas, Levi Chavez is flat broke, "crap in a bag", O.J. Simpson is innocent!, CBGB movie is really, really crummy, Snowden is a nominee for the Sakharov Prize, accused of lying, man who consumes only raw meat, everything Walt Jr. ate for breakfast, House of Turds, Margaret Atwood wants the lyrics of O Canada, Blasphemy Day

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V.22 No.32 | 8/8/2013
courtesy of Working Classroom

Art Theater Preview

Is It Real, or Is It Just the American Dream?

Dreamlandia adapts old questions for a new century

Working Classroom brings their own spin to the timeless tale of how we deceive ourselves and others just to get by.
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V.22 No.13 |


The Daily Word in water wars, Elmo's further transgressions and Justin Bieber's monkey

In the news: Carlsbad issues a "priority call" to stop Roswell and Artesia from pumping groundwater, arguing about a roundabout, People aren't illegal, actually listens to its constituents, Justin Bieber's monkey away!, This stuff is just depressing now, entertain and unsettle you

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V.22 No.9 | 2/28/2013
If good fences make good neighbors, then scary giant walls are probably twice as effective.

Film Review

Harvest of Empire

Polarizing issue of immigration has its origins exposed in historical doc

New, PBS-style documentary by Peter Getzels & Eduardo López, tries to tackle the issue of immigration from a fresh perspective. Based on the book by award-winning journalist Juan González (“Democracy Now!”), Harvest of Empire asks one very simple question: What are these people doing here in the first place? The knee-jerk, surface-layer answer is that people from poor countries emigrate to America to make more money. Simple, no? But why are so many Latin American countries riddled with civil war, organized crime and overwhelming poverty in the first place? The answer, as in so many cases, lies in America’s neo-colonial government policy.
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V.21 No.41 |


The Daily Word in veep debate, diamond planet and sassy Big Bird

In the news: free fall, drone tech, Soprano, A diamond planet, Anarchist Peter Rabbit, 13 obscure punctuation symbols, sassy Big Bird, crucial, breaks it down, Joe just needs to be Joe, Skrawberry, mostly Protestant, find truth, NRA backs Heather Wilson, pop, stars, Gov. Martinez, Mexican gray wolf pack, driver's licenses

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V.21 No.34 | 8/23/2012


The Daily Word in hipster topics, inmate heroes and Dave Mustaine

In the news: An inmate work crew, $1 million, New Mexico home page, Megadeth singer, Julian Assange, West Nile being on the rise, Dream Act-esque immigration program, free speech, The stoner Olympics, he’s Jewish, These gorillas, safe housing, shop for groceries, annoying hipster stuff, Best gravel voices

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V.21 No.24 | 6/14/2012


Obama ups the ante on immigration reform

He’s all: Congress, I’ll see your “failure to fix a broken system” and raise you one “executive order that resembles the Dream Act.” Some op-ed writers are seeing the move as a challenge to the GOP.

This morning, President Obama announced a policyeffective todaythat will protect people from deportation who came to the States as kids. The executive order applies to folks who are under 30, got here before they turned 16 and have lived in the country for more than five years. Immigrants also must have finished high school, and be in college or the military. A criminal record disqualifies you.

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V.21 No.13 | 3/29/2012

News Feature

Deported and Dispossessed

Border Patrol separates people from their survival tools

Lawyers shed light on a policy that results in folks being deported to Mexico without their belongings.

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