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V.26 No.47 | 11/23/2017
Mayor-elect Tim Keller and Family
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News Interview

Thanksgiving with Mr. Keller

New mayor reflects, looks forward

By August March

Last week, in what many watchers of la politica saw as an inevitability, State Auditor Tim Keller was elected mayor of Albuquerque. The 39-year-old Burqueño will bring his formidable education and experience to bear upon a city menaced by crime and stretched to its limit by civic demands that range from Westside development to a stagnant jobs market.

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Paris Mancini

Music Interview

Catching a Buzz with Chicharra

Basses and drums and rocanrol

By August March

During summer months en el alto desierto the hot sun seems permanent and the blue sky infinite. Cicadas—mysterious insects that dwell underground for many years—dig themselves out of the earth. They climb trees and shed the larval skin of youth, becoming animals with powerful wings, and in unison, a tremendous, percussive voice. The drone, the deep buzz that comes from millions of these creatures adds a layer of musical intensity to an environment that is already saturated with color and light and temperature.

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V.26 No.46 | 11/16/2017

Music Interview

An Orgasmic Response to Percussion

Kerby’s project is ecstatically awesome

By August March
Kris Kerby's long-running “percussion apocalypse” endeavor, ICUMDRUMS, continues to set sonic standards, divining as well as breaking the boundaries of Albuquerque’s avant-garde. Weekly Alibi chats with him to find out more about one of Burque’s most relevant cultural provocateurs.
V.26 No.45 | 11/9/2017
Tewa Tales of Suspense

Arts Interview

Indigenous Comic Con Round Two

Tewa Tales of Suspense! creator Jason Garcia visits the annual convention

By Maggie Grimason
Just in time for Indigenous Comic Con, speaker and exhibitor Jason Garcia tells us about his work.
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V.26 No.43 | 10/26/2017
Chicano Batman
Josue Rivas

Music Interview

Los Superhéroes de LA

Rolling with Chicano Batman

By August March
Chicano Batman creates and performs an informed mix of rousing rocanrol finely intertwined with traditional Latino musical conceits, the soulful R&B of past ages and a progressive political platform that is, at once disarming and infectiously interesting. Weekly Alibi chats with guitarist Carlos Arévalo.
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Strawberry milk agate cookies
D’Mitri R. Agnes

Food Interview

Alchemy is Easy on the Eye

New confectionary makes sweets that look as good as they taste

By Robin Babb
From their many-colored quartz point lollipops in flavors like strawberry-basil and horchata de chufa to their piñon and marigold cookies, the self-taught D’Mitri R. Agnes and Jessica Romero create sweets that are unlike anything our city has seen.
V.26 No.42 | 10/19/2017
Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle
Jenny Jimenez

Music Interview

A Perfect Circle of Acquaintances and Friends

Billy Howerdel converses with August March

By August March
Weekly Alibi chats with Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle about their upcoming album and each person's role in making it.
Shawn Weed
Daniel Maldonado

Food Interview

The Acre Brings Accessible Farm-to-Table Food to Albuquerque

Shawn Weed makes vegetarian comfort food for everyone—not just vegetarians

By Robin Babb
While I’m a big fan of the farm-to-table trend and the environmental sustainability that it stands for, I’m less thrilled about the pretensions and price tags that tend to come along with it. Which is why it was so refreshing to talk with Shawn Weed, the chef and restaurateur who has a vision for accessible farm-to-table food at his new restaurant The Acre, opening Nov. 10 in the Northeast Heights.
V.26 No.41 | 10/12/2017
Jimmy Hubbard

Music Interview

The Drummer as Mastodon

Brann Dailor on music and life

By August March
August March chats with Brann Dailor of Mastodon about prog rock, metal and the narrative that has begun to fill up the band’s oeuvre.
V.26 No.40 | 10/5/2017
Red Rock Roasters

Food Interview

Red Rock Roasters’ New Tasting Room Offers Expert Coffee Classes

The master roasters teach you how to make your cup of joe the best it can be

By Hosho McCreesh
At Red Rock Roasters' new, renovated tasting room, Coffee Director Rachel Langer aims to not only teach you how to make your daily cup (or three) taste better, but to demystify some coffee trends while sharing tried-and-true methods so you’ll get the most from your morning cup of joe.
V.26 No.38 | 9/21/2017

Feature Interview

A Thinning of the Veil

Discovering Burque’s Pagan community

By Renee Chavez
Weekly Alibi spoke with two locals, both involved in putting on the upcoming Pagan Pride Day, about one of the spiritual paths most closely aligned with the changing of the seasons.
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Author Interview


Writer’s work provides a roadmap to New Mexico

By Maggie Grimason
Eco-Travel New Mexico offers advice that responsible travelers need to plan a trip which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people.
V.26 No.37 | 9/14/2017
Jazmin Coronel and her twin sister Yazmin Irazoqui Ruiz
August March

News Interview

Two Dreamers, One Vision

Local DACA participants excel

By August March
Weekly Alibi sat down with two Dreamers to find out more about them, their program and ultimately their place in this great melting pot nation.
Wake Self
Courtesy of the artist

Music Interview

Sleepers, Awake!

A conversation with Wake Self

By August March
Weekly Alibi chats with Wake Self about the expanding hip-hop scene, America's short attention span, teaching and gender inequality.
V.26 No.35 | 8/31/2017
Susan Wheeler-Deichsel

News Interview

Talking with Susan Wheeler-Deichsel

Mayoral candidate is compassionate, ready to lead

By August March
Mayoral candidate Susan Wheeler-Deichsel says poverty is behind many of our problems.
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