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V.23 No.17 | 4/24/2014


Rowdy’s Dream Blog #344: Telling Jokes on a Furniture Store Bed

By Brutus De Cervantes [ Tue Apr 22 2014 3:53 PM ]

I am walking through the mall. I pass my old friend D and her dark-haired Aussie girlfriend. D gives me a severe look. I bow and kiss her hand. She wears a gold band on her finger. She asks me when I'm going to grow up. I tell her it's too late, so never. We are joined on a furniture store bed by four of her friends. I joke in response to some anecdote: “That will kaak in your craw!” This gets a big laugh. One of the girls is playing with my tie. I see where this is going.

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V.20 No.38 |


The Daily Word in neutrino jokes, marijuana law and SPAM

Brought to you by the letter G.

By Geoffrey Plant [ Sun Sep 25 2011 10:08 AM ]
In the news: grievances, get the vote, preventing them from driving, posting comments on facebook, Faster-than-light-neutrino jokes, Santa Fe New Mexican, illegal, minimum sentencing laws, the Sopranos of Afghanistan, the Haqqani clan, Sesame Street's "G", Glee, Pyramiden, SPAM Museum, gift shop, spamosas

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V.20 No.29 | 7/21/2011
The Third Thursdays crew
Bruce Ying Wong

Performance Preview

Punch Lines, Not Punches

Rusty Rutherford celebrates another year of underground comedy shows

By Summer Olsson
There is an “anything goes” vibe at the Third Thursdays Comedy Contest, a stand-up comedy night Rusty Rutherford has hosted monthly, in venues around Albuquerque, since 2007. At each event, he does a short set to kick off the night and then 10 other comics take turns performing. The audience votes to determine the night’s best three, and Rutherford invites these comics back the following month. He also schedules seven new performers. The anniversary show will feature the winning comics of the past year.

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V.20 No.25 |


Smokes and Jokes

Stand-up at the hookah bar

By Summer Olsson [ Sat Jun 25 2011 12:53 PM ]

If you're looking to do some heavy lounging and hearty laughing tonight, check out the Smokes and Jokes Stand-up Showcase. Terrene Hookah has a lot of pillows, smooshy chairs and other stuff you'd like to loll around on. The establishment allows in customers 18 years and over, but I have yet to see a giant crowd of dingbats wearing idiotic clothing flitting around in front, so you're probably safe from that. Smoke a hookah, play some cards and even surf the web if you want. And hear some jokes.
These fine comics will be performing:

Rusty Rutherford, who has performed across America, including on NBC's Last Comic Standing. He is known as a "comedic genius." By his mom.

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V.20 No.25 | 6/23/2011


The Daily Word in Weiner and Wiener, sunscreen and making out

By Marisa Demarco [ Thu Jun 16 2011 11:00 AM ]
In the news: stun gunning, Rep. Weiner, Bernalillo County Commissioner Wiener, post-rape joke, Rep. Steve Pearce, Alibi interview with Jarrell, Naked, pull up his saggy pants, Monsoons, bohemian rhapsody, The Baconery, declines, making out, Conan O’Brien’s

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V.20 No.24 | 6/16/2011


Local Wiener’s rape joke (not national Weiner’s sexting)

By Marisa Demarco [ Tue Jun 14 2011 5:17 PM ]

Commissioner Michael Wiener told county officials a racy rape joke, according to an investigation. (It’s not the first off-color joke he’s told that’s gotten him into trouble.) He also made inappropriate remarks to a female Bernalillo County worker, the investigation concluded, though he didn’t violate any policies.

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