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V.22 No.20 |


The Daily Word in Rolling Stone Magazine's new boss, police oversight in Albuquerque and a deadly tornado

By Geoffrey Plant [ Tue May 21 2013 9:07 AM ]
In the news: wild horses may wind up at the slaughterhouse, police oversight, chubby, son of Rolling Stone founder, breakfast taco, fake silk in Beijing, massive tornado, This lady found her dog, America's largest tax avoiders, Eric Holder knows NOTHING, sponsored content, soundtrack for Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising, Happy birthday, (Albuquerque resident) Mr. T!

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V.20 No.47 |


The Daily Word in Thanksgiving chaos, GOP race and an arrested snowman.

Happy Cyber Monday!

By E.J. Maliskas [ Mon Nov 28 2011 10:21 AM ]
In the news: New Mexico teen accused of kidnapping younger boy, Soccer, Basketball, 76 Classic, Thanksgiving/Black Friday, Mars Science Labratory, The 21 best Keanu conspiracy meme images, autism, “Frosty the Snowman”, Newt, pepper-spraying, Gumby, The Oatmeal, Pimping your ride
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