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V.23 No.52 |
Black Maria
Eric Williams
Black Maria

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Black Saturday: A rock show at Launchpad

By August March [ Fri Jan 2 2015 12:00 PM ]
Get the first rocanrol rave-up of 2015 under your belt with Black Maria at Launchpad.
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V.23 No.52 | 12/25/2014
Tavis Ford

Show Up!

Beginning to See the Light

Six shows to banish the winter darkness

By August March
Show Up! delivers deets on six darkness-banishing gigs happening in Burque this week.
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V.23 No.51 | 12/18/2014
From left, Cowboys and Indian and Word Salad circa 1997
Courtesy of artists

Show Up!

Bah! Hum-What?!

Great concerts hit Burque ... Again?!

By August March
Attending country, rockabilly, psych rock, folk and hardcore punk shows may help prevent seasonal depression. Get all the deets in Show Up!
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