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V.21 No.8 | 2/23/2012
Cookbook author and former “Daily Show” film critic Frank DeCaro knows how to handle a leading lady’s buns.
Courtesy of HCI Books

Eating In

Hollywood Helper

Make dead celebs’ dishes the life of your Oscar party

By Christie Chisholm
Liberace’s sticky buns. That’s Frank DeCaro’s favorite recipe in his freshly published Dead Celebrity Cookbook (HCI Books, $19.95), and the reason has nothing to do with tastealthough DeCaro says the packaged crescent rolls doused in rum, butter and enough seasoning to spice a pumpkin pie are dangerously delicious. “It just kills me,” says the Sirius Radio talk show host and former “Daily Show” film critic, “but only if he’s in on the joke. If he’s not in on the joke, it’s just sad.”

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V.19 No.36 |


The Daily Word 09.15.10: Twitter, Teabaggers, Tommy Lee Jones

By Tom Nayder [ Wed Sep 15 2010 9:32 AM ]
In the news: Big wins for Teabaggers, any chance, Don't Ask Don't Tell, suspended, moving police car, Jon Stewart, calls out, FROM BEYOND THE GRAAAAVE!, circumcises baby by mistake, first to document, Are you paying too much for weed?, Twitter's, affect you?, flatbread sandwiches, unfunny people, weird atmospheric symbols, creepiest fast food mascots, suck less, Al Sharpton, 10 coolest G.I. Joe ninjas?, So long Liberace Museum, $178 cheese sandwich, birthday!

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