V.19 No.14 | 4/8/2010

Fruits / Vegetables

A Garden Variety Party

We're sure you're all busy as bees (or red wrigglers, as the case may be) getting your outdoor space primed for spring and summer. Here to help take a load off is the 11th Annual North Valley Co-op Garden Party. Fill up on seeds, plant starts, agricultural information, expert advice, local food and live music by the barrelful. Your little sprouts will have plenty to occupy them, too. Just show up at the North Valley La Montañita Co-op (2400 Rio Grande NW) between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. today.

Three cheers for beer!
Aaron and Lisa Prunier

ABQ Beer Geek

Hallenbrick Brewery

Nine all-star New Mexico drafts, two homebrewers and one unlikely location

The only reasons I’ve ever visited the industrial wasteland around Jefferson and Osuna were to pick up an obscure part for a vacuum cleaner and to dispose of trash I had forgotten to put out for two weeks straight. The opening of Hallenbrick Brewery gave me a whole new incentive to actually drive north of Osuna. Of course a beer freak like me would. The question is, would anyone else?

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