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The Daily Word in ruin porn, Lead/Coal construction, a toothpick heist, and Happy Days

By Geoffrey Plant [ Sat Jun 9 2012 11:13 AM ]
In the news: Joanie Cunningham, "Ladies man puts on gun show at Sonic.", 85mph, kill the Japanese sea creatures, Sad story, donkey-semen-chugging, First manned Chinese space flight, CBC interview, helicopter, Lead/Coal project, completely finished, Wildfire near Ruidoso, another island, Hart Island, escape from Alcatraz, the point of no return, dismembering-porn-killer, bank customer stole the bank-robber's getaway car,, Dumb pictures, 400,000 toothpicks, Lightning Field, Domestic spy-drones, Nancy Sinatra's, Johnny Depp

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