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Video Games

This Week In Games 7.9.10

Julian Murdoch is about the best writer ever to build his own MAME cabinet. Part 2 of 3.

Oh crap! Blizzard is going to require your real name in the forums! Oh, wait, no they're not.

Plants Vs Zombies 2?

Solving Brain Age math problems though reverse engineering.

Gaming will rot your brain. Damn.

H.A.W.X gets a sequel. H.A.W.X. 2.

TF2 gets an Engineer update.

Dragon Age 2. This ain't your slightly older brother's Dragon Age.

Vanquish, a new SciFi game from Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil), gets a release date.

You know, I bet you this is why Activision tried so hard to get Brutal Legend back after they kicked it to the curb.

The rumors were wrong - Hulu Plus will not require Playstation Plus once it's in full release.

Nasa's Moonbase Alpha is available on Steam for free.

Phew, the critics have spoken, and now we know what was good at E3.

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Video Games

Arcade Ambience Project

As a teenager I spent waaaay too much time in my home town's arcade; my best friend would lift the keys from his brother-in-law who ran the place, and we would sneak in after hours to gorge ourselves on games. The exact details of those days have mostly faded from my mind, but after stumbling across Andy Hofle's Arcade Ambience Project, a lot of the memories came rushing back. Andy misses the classic arcade as well, and has created a series of soundscapes designed to evoke those good old days. Most of the audio was sampled from playthroughs of dozens of (MAME emulated) classic arcade games, but he's also mixed in recordings of the coin changers and background hum from his local arcade to fill out the picture. To my ear, the full-tilt cacophony he winds up with goes super-enthusiastically beyond what's necessary to deliver that arcade flavor (if I was running some off the books CIA prison I might want this in my crazy-making toolkit), but just hearing the likes of Defender, Galaga, Joust, etc. in the noise-storm has set me off on the hunt for ROMs to emulate. Enjoy.