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V.23 No.12 | 3/20/2014


The Daily Word in St. Patrick’s Day, your weird brain and another police shooting.

By Carl Petersen [ Mon Mar 17 2014 10:59 AM ]
In the news: sanctions for Russia, George Michael, IOS 7.1, David Brenner, turn the river green, ASMR, forget, fire in the firefly, Police shot a guy, illegal to sleep in your car, Kurt Russell

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V.22 No.30 | 7/25/2013
Adila’s owner touches the cone for Adila to imitate.
Claudia Fugazza/Animal Cognition
Adila’s owner touches the cone for Adila to imitate.


Your Dog Knows What You Did Last Summer

¡Viva la Science!

By Lisa Barrow [ Tue Jul 23 2013 2:48 PM ]
Canines may be paying more attention than we thought.

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V.22 No.24 | 6/13/2013
(L to R) Loretta Hausman, Gerald Hausman and Alice Winston Carney

Arts Feature

Memories Into Memoirs

Writers workshop returns to Las Vegas

By Kristi D. Lawrence
Pick a memory, any memory. Climbing a tree at age 10. The fender-bender you tried to hide from your parents right after you got your license. Walking along a dirt road beside a field of wildflowers under a vivid, kaleidoscopic sunset.
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V.20 No.24 |


Daily Word 6.17.11- Quit with the fires already

GLBT rights resolution, poison snakes, Yemen, Green Lantern

By Summer Olsson [ Fri Jun 17 2011 11:07 AM ]

East mountain fire flared last night.

The U.N. passed a GLBT rights resolution.

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