Alibi Bucks


V.19 No.36 | 9/9/2010


The Daily Word 9.06.10: ELO hay bale, puppy killer and Jerry Lewis’ fantasy life.

By Nick Brown [ Mon Sep 6 2010 11:13 AM ]
In the news: Slaybor Day, ELO’s Mike Edwards was killed, earthquakes in Oklahoma, Van der Sloot, Travolta, Guatemalan mudslide, threw puppies in the river, Craigslist, weird Joaquin Phoenix movie, Jerry Lewis wants to hit Lindsay Lohan, time-travelling hipster, hipster dinosaur coloring book, 181 chicken wings, severed foot, new Sasquatch footage, Albuquerque drunk, violent rapist, Albuquerque Goodwill store, Rhett Miller

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