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V.21 No.44 | 11/1/2012
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Giants Shut Out Tigers for World Series Win

The San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers last night to capture their second World Series championship in the last three years. The game went into extra innings, fitting for a desperate Detroit attempting to wring the last bits of magic out of their otherwise-remarkable season. The extra innings also appropriately gave Tigers fans that familiar false sense that the Giants had finally been put against the wall. Throughout the postseason, San Francisco would fight and cling their way back from the edge of defeat, only to then make victory look easy. So when the game went to a 10th inning, plenty of nervous fans back in San Francisco must have been holding their collective breath. Had these Giants put themselves into a corner once again?

After playing their way out of a hole in every series—coming back from a 1-3 hole in the League Championship Series against St. Louis and an 0-2 hole against the Cincinnati Reds—there was nothing easy about this march to the championship for the Giants. Therefore, the worry felt by Giants fans, even while 3-0 over a team that had just steamrolled the Yankees, seemed rational. The worry, it turned out, was unfounded.

The doubt of victory may have crept in to the minds of fans, but the players never let it creep in—and if they did, they certainly never showed it. The team that battled back over and over and over again this postseason never had to do so in the finals. The Giants forced the Tigers into batting a worse-than-pedestrian .159 average during this World Series, and San Francisco looked every bit as mighty as the Tigers had previously felt. The questions that loom over the future of the Tigers will ensure some serious debate during the offseason, but this moment isn't about them.

This moment is about celebrating a team that pulled it all together and, in a rarity in this day and age of baseball, now has their World Series championship actually in place before October's end. The San Francisco Giants left the baseball world in the dust to become champions in a whirlwind postseason that won't easily be forgotten.

V.19 No.14 | 4/8/2010
“Keep your eye on the ball, honey! Eye on the...shit.”


The Return of Major League Baseball

Or, how to have a 9-month excuse for vegetating in front of your TV with a beer and a bath robe.

Ah, spring time is finally here. Flowers a bloomin’. Birds a chirpin’. Wood’s a crackin’. Time to roll out “America’s Favorite Pastime™” from its ever-so brief hibernation.

The 2010 MLB regular season kicked off in dramatic fashion Sunday night as the Boston Red Sox hosted George Steinbrenner (who may look more like the Tales from the Crypt crypt keeper than the crypt keeper himself) and his gazillion-dollar circus New York Yankees Sunday night. The Yankees, whose payroll easily dwarfs most countries’ entire GDPs, are heavily favored to win it all again this year, fresh off their record 27th title win last season. If their “Mission: Redux” isn’t made clear enough, manager Joe Girardi wears a jersey emblazoned with the number 28 to show that his team means business, once again. What a prick.

If there’s any justice, goodness and grace left in this world, they could be challenged by strong AL East division rivals in the form of the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox, while over in the NL, the Philadelphia Phillies are expected to head back to the big dance for the third consecutive year. Yankees vs. Phillies again? That sounds about as anticlimactic as a Dick Cheney heart attack.

For the love of Christ, is anybody willing to don the glass slippers and be this season’s Cinderella story? Young teams stacked with talent like the Colorado Rockies St. Louis Cardinals or San Francisco Giants could make a strong run at it.

Who ya got?