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The Daily Word in a new definition of rape, santorum, the Dark Vader burger, and slimy orange water in Rio Rancho

By Geoffrey Plant [ Sat Jan 7 2012 1:56 PM ]
In the news: Santa Fe flasher, orange slime, She broke the pinky pact, parking, Dark Vader, a bunch of bent mass emails, Hello Kitty, Colorado high school senior, monogamy, embezzlement, definition of rape, Washington Post, Google problem, why, Ed Sanders, Nicolas Cage

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V.19 No.27 |

Kink and Monogamy?

New Carnal Conundrums

By Julian Wolf [ Sun Jul 11 2010 11:00 PM ]

Over at Saucy Southwest your questions are answered. This week Julian covers a quandary involving kinky people and monogamy. Are you curious about something not covered by conventional columns? Ask away, Carnal Conundrums is here for you.

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