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V.20 No.42 | 10/20/2011

Mina's Dish

Brain Food

Two museums offer more than eye candy

By Mina Yamashita

The next time you’re scheduling lunch or an event for a few hundred, you might consider Old Town. The area usually escapes my attention because I first think: museums, parking, entry fees and finding the placecomplicated, right? Wrong.

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V.20 No.30 |


The Daily Word with Out of Control Ravers, White Watermelon Seeds and Drunk Cops

By Tom Nayder [ Fri Jul 29 2011 12:26 PM ]
In the news: We're almost out of time for this debt deal, US government, vote no confidence, deer in the headlights, charged with DWI, shut down Hollywood, white watermelon seeds?, celebrity photobombs, fake nude scene, Ten weird museums, be mean to them?, marbled coconut bread, medieval England?, Happy Birthday Captain Lou Albano!!!

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