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V.25 No.5 | 2/4/2016
Charlie Benante of Anthrax
Courtesy of the artist

Music Interview

Anthrax vs. the Future

Benante is blunt about the basics

By August March
Anthrax drummer bitches about post-modernity.
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Litter Brain
Courtesy of the band

Aural Fixation

Six Girls, One Couch

Litter Brain on their new album, Nope

By Maggie Grimason
Albuquerque’s Litter Brain rocks with songs both important and silly.
V.25 No.4 | 1/28/2016
Dave Payne
Courtesy of the Artist

Aural Fixation

Dave Payne Will Not Admit Defeat

By Geoffrey Plant
Some of the tracks on Payne’s new recording Will Not Admit Defeat have that darker, contemporary alt-country sound that our local music scene is so imbued with, but more interestingly, other aspects of the album hearken back to a more classical country sound.
V.25 No.3 | 01/21/2016
Higinio Gonzales
courtesy of Albuquerque Museum

19th Century Local Musician Honored

By Joshua Lee [ Fri Jan 22 2016 11:39 AM ]

On Sunday, Feb. 7 at 1 pm, the Albuquerque Museum will offer a program exploring the musical talents of Higinio Gonzales. Cultural Anthropologist Dr. David García and Literary Folklorist Dr. Enrique Lamadrid will discuss the history of canción and corrido, popular musical genres in New Mexico in which Gonzales wrote and performed. Dr. Garcia will also perform songs composed by Gonzales.

The Artistic Odyssey of Higinio V. Gonzales: A Tinsmith and Poet in Territorial New Mexico, now on exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum.

General admission for N.M. residents is $2 for seniors, $3 for adults and $1 for children age 4-12. Admission for out-of-state adults is $4.

Albuquerque Museum
2000 Mountain NW
Sunday Feb. 7 1pm

V.25 No.3 | 1/21/2016
Adam Rubenstein

Aural Fixation

Real Shields, Real Arrows

Def-i’s new album proves worth the wait

By Joshua Lee
Def-i waves me over to his car and I worry momentarily about slinging mud all over the interior. We've met at the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant, currently a black sludge pit after the recent snow melt. My shoes are coated in a thick layer of the stuff after stepping out of my car and into two inches of squishy batter. He doesn't seem too worried about it, though, and motions me toward the passenger seat.
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V.25 No.2 | 01/14/2016
Bibliotheque National de France

Event Horizon

Bach to the Future

Saturday, Jan 16: St. John's Bach Project

By August March [ Fri Jan 15 2016 12:00 PM ]
Pianist Amy Greer performs the French Suite No. 6 in E major, BWV 817 and more.
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V.25 No.2 | 1/14/2016

Sonic Reducer

Tony Brown Love Hope Politricks · The Milk Carton Kids Monterey · Strange Faces Stonerism

By Geoffrey Plant
Reviews of new music releases.
V.25 No.1 | 01/07/2016
He may have penned a song called "I Can't Read" by David Bowie was, in fact, an avid reader

David Bowie's Reading List

You, too, can become great

By Maggie Grimason [ Tue Jan 12 2016 1:00 AM ]

In case you live under a rock and only get your news from the Alibi's blog- David Bowie passed away on Sunday.

As images and playlists crowd your various feeds, it might be revealing to take a look at the books that fed an impressive creative mind.

Here New York Public library compiled Bowie's top 100 books as drawn from a 2013 Facebook post from Bowie himself. Stand outs for me include titles by Don DeLillo, James Baldwin and Yukio Mishima. Cue up your preferred Bowie mix and get to reading.

David Bowie's Top 100 Books

The Daily Word in Bombs, Politics, and Monkeys

By Megan Reneau [ Thu Jan 7 2016 11:43 AM ]
The Daily Word

So North Korea did make an H-Bomb?

Sexual abuse and misconduct by law enforcement is barely reported to agencies. Here’s one woman’s experience with following through this appalling ordeal.

The governor of California declared a state of emergency due to a major methane gas leak.

1 million dollars of Chris Christie’s “campaigning” costs will likely end up being paid by New Jersey residents.

Deakin from Animal Collective (finally) finished his solo album.

Remember the Macaque monkey that took a selfie in 2011? Turns out it (and actually, PETA) can’t own the copyright to its own selfie.

If you loved playing Sims as much as I did growing up, you’ll definitely enjoy this.

Parents have been polled, and here are the results.

V.25 No.1 | 1/7/2016
The horn section of Citizen Fish: Miguel Reyes, Jessica Mils and Matt Dowse
Courtesy of Jessica Mills

Aural Fixation

More Than Reality Allows

A conversation with Jessica Mills

By Maggie Grimason

As we stood on the sidewalk off Central, well after I had stopped recording our interview, Jessica Mills turned to me and said, “You know, for a mediocre musician, I've had really good luck.” Whether you chock it up to luck or talent, Mills is an affable powerhouse, a Renaissance woman whose resume includes a bookMy Mother Wears Combat Bootspublished by AK Press in 2007, over a decade of work with the ultimate punk fanzine, Maximum RocknRoll and her own long-running zine, Yard Wide Yarns.

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V.24 No.53 | 12/31/2015
Al Hurricane
Eric Williams

Music Interview

Rocking Like a Hurricane

Al and Al Jr.: A life in music

By August March

Let me be clear. Al Hurricane rocks. He's the father—officially the Godfather—of a brand of New Mexican music that blends diffuse influences, intense intuition and massive chops into a formidable music expression that has become the stuff of legend as the years have passed. He's also the father of a cohort of talented children, including son Al Jr.—who's worked as his primary collaborator, arranger and producer since the late 1970s.

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V.24 No.52 | 12/24/2015

The Daily Word in Music, Protests, and Vandalism

By Megan Reneau [ Thu Dec 24 2015 11:28 AM ]
The Daily Word

What happens when you combine OutKast's Player’s Ball and Christmas music?

#BlackLivesMatter protests were held all over the country yesterday.

What did the media distract you from this year?


Drake is a good sport because he's an angel.

Thousands of residents in Southern California have to relocate because of a two-month longs gas leak in the area.

The gender tax is totally a real thing.

2016 is going to be a great year for a lot of bands under the Rise Records label.

Because fuck education, amirite?

Under the paving stones, the beach

Aural Fixation

New Music, New Solidarity

By Robin Babb

2015 was rough, y’all. Between the attacks in Paris, the death and terror that the Islamic State has inflicted in the Middle East, the countless mass shootings, police shootings and rampant xenophobia in our own country, it has been a truly bad news year. Amidst all this violence and political turmoil, though, we learned to seek comfort in solidarity—and some of that solidarity came in the form of new music.

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Sonic Reducer

Spoon Gimme Fiction (Tenth Anniversary Edition) · Willow Ardipithecus · Holy Glories Holy Glories

Reviews of new music releases.
V.24 No.51 | 12/17/2015
Sia - Cheap Thrills

Sia's new song "Cheap Thrills" should be a Rihanna song

What's Rihanna's deal with turning down decent songs?

By Robin Babb [ Tue Dec 22 2015 11:37 AM ]

Last Thursday, Sia released a single “Cheap Thrills,” the first we’ve heard of her since last year’s album 1000 Forms of Fear. The song was originally written for Rihanna, who turned it down in the end. As Sia said in an interview with Rolling Stone, “I realized just as soon as I was cutting it that it sounded a little bit too Brit-pop for her. It’s more Icona Pop.”

Well, Sia and Grimes now have something in common. In 2014 Grimes released “Go,” a song originally written for Rihanna that she rejected. Grimes decided to make the song herself instead, a respectable “waste not, want not” approach to songwriting—but with, overall, an unimpressive effect. While “Go” is instrumentally interesting, it sticks out like a sore thumb in the context of Grimes’ oeuvre. It sounds, for a good reason, like a Rihanna song performed by Grimes.

Similarly, “Cheap Thrills” is less exciting than what I was expecting next from Sia. It’s a dancefloor gem, with a steady beat and lots of “all hail the weekend” party lyrics — but it’s so lyrically boring that I just can’t get into it. Sia has a knack for slipping razor-sharp commentary into dancy pop gems (see “Chandelier” and “Buttons”), but it’s just not present in “Cheap Thrills.” The ultimate point of the song is “I don’t need a lot of money to have fun!” which, sung by Rihanna (who, if you recall, last made the charts with a track called “Bitch Better Have My Money”), would actually be kind of interesting. But from Sia, it just sounds like fluff.

I’m just hoping that somebody could get in touch with Rihanna’s people and tell them to stop turning down awesome material from great writers? Please, it’ll help the careers of everybody involved.

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