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V.27 No.12 | 3/22/2018
The Despots
courtesy of Reverb Nation

Best of Burque Music 2018

Best of the Best

Players and bands in this town are known for their prowess and musicality, even far from our town’s ostensible borders. This year our readers contributed to that historical conversation.

Tylor Brandon Band
Matt Timmons

Best of Burque Music 2018

Around Town

Around Town is the category about socially functional aspects of music in El Burque.

Best of Burque Music 2018

Best Recording

When it comes down to it, making records forms the core efforts of many an artist or ensemble engaged in the music business.

Kyle Martin
courtesy of the artist

Best of Burque Music 2018

Individual Performers

Whether ripping out massive riffs on the guitar, writing epic symphonies or vocalizing all angelic or demonic, this town has a profoundly rich community in tune with that thing called chops. Here’s a list of folks our readers say hold the key to that interactive process.

courtesy of the artist

Best of Burque Music 2018

Ensembles and Artists

It’s fun to break things up in a convenient format that not only shows unity of purpose but diversity of execution.

Prism Bitch
Courtesy of the artist

Best of Burque Music 2018 Editor's Choice

BOBM Editor’s Choice 2018

Listening to Radio Free August March

Given the cray but verifiable directionality of this year’s Best of Burque Music Reader’s poll, August March found his agency and authority of Music Editor was an important addition to the dialogue that commences with the announcement of winners.

V.27 No.11 | 3/15/2018

Sonic Reducer

A Hawk And A Hacksaw Forest Bathing · K. Dutch Always Home · Zealous Grooves Reason In Ruin

We review new releases by A Hawk And A Hacksaw, K. Dutch and Zealous Grooves.

V.27 No.10 | 3/8/2018
We review new releases by Anna Mall, Verhalten and Daniel Montoya.

V.27 No.9 | 3/1/2018

Sonic Reducer

Levi The Poet Cataracts · Meredith Wilder Los Pandos · Ethan Reece Wayward Journey

We review new local records by Ethan Reece, Meredith Wilder and Levi The Poet.

V.27 No.8 | 2/22/2018
Steve Aoki
Brian Ziff

Music Interview

It Takes a Kolony

Aoki’s present is our future

We interview Steve Aoki about postmodern music and pop music’s cultural cachet.

Sonic Reducer

Noctua Starlight Hysteria · The Timewreckers Bitchin'! · saturner beam me up satan

The Timewreckers are Bitchin’, but so is prog rock and being beamed up by Satan.

V.27 No.7 | 2/15/2018

Sonic Reducer

Black Unicorn Black Unicorn EP · Terrible Tumors Instert/head · Diles Alma II

In this week’s exclusive look at local releases, A. March takes a ride on special type of horse, inserts his head where he probably shouldn’t and likens Diles to soul.

V.27 No.6 | 2/8/2018
Courtesy of Anthrax

Music Interview

All Anthrax, All The Time

Scott Ian lives and breathes metal

August March laughs it up and rocks out with Scott Ian of Anthrax!
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Music Magnified

Anthrax Rocks Albuquerque

High-Lights from Killthrax 2018


Sunday night’s sold-out appearance by metal giants Anthrax—who were reintroduced to this Burque audience by Mayor Tim Keller—was one of the deffest shows to traipse through this town in a while.

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V.27 No.5 | 2/1/2018

Sonic Reducer

leehoward Children of the Universe · Crushed!? Sins of the Father · Dios Muerto The Crow

Our intrepid reviewer listens to new works by Dios Muerto, Leehoward and Crushed!?

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