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V.22 No.35 |


The Daily Word in used pregnancy tests, crap in the oceans, "Hemisphere" and gay marriage in Los Alamos

RIP David Frost

By Geoffrey Plant [ Tue Sep 3 2013 8:53 AM ]
In the news: NSA asked Zazzle to remove funny/joke/not real NSA shirts, Breaking Bad rehab, Los Alamos County clerk may soon issue marriage licenses, wide reaching and comprehensive phone records surveillance, The United States and Israel tested a new air-defense system, Off the grid homeowners can't refinance their home, David Frost died, A snack chip eating utensi, it is all about getting him to ask, all that crap people drop into the water

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V.21 No.16 |


The Daily Word: solo circumnavigation of the Americas; Nugent backlash continues; goodbye Chuck Colson

By Geoffrey Plant [ Sun Apr 22 2012 9:21 AM ]
In the news: a 39 pound cat, ARMY cancels Nugent performance, Meatloaf and Derek St. James sang most of his famous songs, Thomas Kinkade, Lamborghini, another ugly overpriced S.U.V, Lisa Gail Allred, find out if our computers have a virus, Whatever Happened To Brett Smiley, Hamster Hotel, solo circumnavigation of the Americas, surveillance, no longer on Britain's library shelves, Nixon adviser, christian Chuck Colson

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V.21 No.4 |


The Daily Word in a deadly cold snap, a toddler-bitten snake, a glitterbombed writer

By E.J. Maliskas [ Mon Jan 30 2012 10:40 AM ]
In the news: chewed the head off a snake, Topless protesters, Sandias, Apollo 11, Screen Actors Guild Awards 2012 full list of winners, glitterbombed, growlers, totally spoiled, The lucky garden gnome of NFL victory, Bus-sized asteroid, Starbucks, Heavy snow fall and plummeting temperatures
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V.19 No.29 |
Photo by Geneva Collins; Copyright © 2001 Current Publishing Committee


Daniel Schorr dead at 93

By Jerry Cornelius [ Sat Jul 24 2010 8:18 AM ]

The fearless journalist who famously made Richard Nixon's shit list—and leaked the Pike report to the Village Voice when his then-employer CBS was too scared to run with it—is dead at age 93. He never backed down. The world needs more guys like him.

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