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V.23 No.39 |


The Daily Word in ebola, Ello and Pantone beer packaging

In the news: ebola death toll is at least 2,917, new species of dino, Ankylousaur, IRS raided Downtown business BigByte, anti-Facebook social network Ello, Pantone beer packaging

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V.21 No.27 |


The Daily Word in NM Drug Court investigations, litigiousness, "acts of daily living," a naked crimewave, and Romney-Venn Diagrams

In the news: infected with this virus, state email investigation, Judge Pat Murdoch, Drug Court in Northern New Mexico, unqualified bonuses, a french word for EVERYTHING, The most litigious man in the world, naked crimewave, crime, Best Buy, how to debate on T.V, acts of daily living, totally flipped out, Mitt Romney's Venn Diagrams, this is a man's world, Is Marxism relevant today, Men in suits get away with things, egged and Mike Milled on air, The last minutes, The Valley of Gwangi

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V.21 No.21 |


The Daily Word in Quebecois student protests, oral contraception for men, the comic sans song, and John McAfee's action film worthy life in Belize

In the news: fire in the Gila forest, Albuquerque Police shootings, in hiding in Belize, Dan Quayle was right, The Comic Sans Song, buried in pieces underneath a cattle barn, Easy-Bake Oven, proving their citizenship, Obama birth certificate request, squatted in AOL's headquarters, Steve Miller Venn Diagram, Philip K. Dick festival, huge student protests, banging on pots, Bill Murray, Crass Serbian seeks wife, lowest common denominator, John Bear has a blog, oral contraceptive for men, fifteen millionth Model T

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V.20 No.28 |
Yes, that is real blood
Yes, that is real blood


Weekly Alibi and Breaking Bad are BFF's

Set Decorator and pal Michael Flowers sent this to me a few weeks ago. Breaking Bad Season Four premieres Sunday. Add the Alibi to your spotter's list of Albuquerque institutions that crop up in the show.

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V.20 No.27 |


The Daily Word: 7.9.11: R.I.P. Betty Ford; News of the World kaput; federal marijuana prohibition renewed; bestiality

In the news: Betty Ford died, So did this woman, FAILED, promise, states, Satisfaction, Garbage Kids, Ready Steady Go!, I Got you Babe, News of the World, Murdoch empire, Gay Marriage, Steve Terrell, Funereal strippers, Sackville, Al Capone, slaves

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V.20 No.14 |


The Daily Word 4.10.11: Gil Robbins dead; Russian moon base; Chinese ghost-cities; flappers.

In the news: top ten, Kelly Family, voter fraud, investigation, DRM locks, Awesomely strange hair, Lovely, expensive and about nineteen, Flapper Dictionary!, British submariner, Strange video, elf ears, same old story, Pakistani version of Sesame Street, MOON BASE BY 2030, Gil Robbins, Tim Robbins, dead

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V.19 No.1 | 1/7/2010
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The Hired Hand

NM Blogosphere Roundup: Doctor Who, backyard birds, The Hired Hand

Only-the-Important-Stuff Edition

Dave Maas doesn’t think he can relate to the new Doctor Who.

Andrea Lin thinks the biscochito ice cream sandwich at Lucia has some structural problems.

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V.18 No.51 | 12/17/2009

NM Blogosphere Roundup: Christmas all day every day

Naughty-or-Nice-or-Just-Plain-Stupid Edition

OK, it’s the week of Christmas, Or Xmas. Or whatever you call this logjam of good will, overspending, solstice vibrations, plastic Nativity action figures and egg-less egg nog. I call it a pain in the ass. Out of the trickle of notable posts in the sphere of blogs this week, only four check off the following traditional holiday boxes:

[ ] Heartwarming

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V.18 No.47 | 11/19/2009


Holiday Gift Guide

The best local gift-makers you've never heard of

The secret is out.

Albuquerque is home to an underground of league of geniuses, and they’re poised to take over the world. They’re armed with sophisticated super powers, able to create spectacular, never-before-imagined items from almost nothing. No one can stop them. And based on our intelligence, only a few citizens of Burque have even heard of them. But we can’t keep mum any longer. These local gift-makers are awesome!

It’s almost as though Santa embedded an especially resourceful brigade of elves in the Albuquerque area; here they are, toiling in obscurity, so very far away from the North Pole. The weird thing is, everyone outside of New Mexico already seems to know it.

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