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V.20 No.7 | 2/17/2011
Smart birds: Pigeons are trainable and have been used as messengers during times of war.


Pigeon Problems

A dove by any other name would be as revered?

By Jessica Cassyle Carr [ Tue Feb 15 2011 3:55 PM ]

Yesterday’s Daily Word provided a link to a KRQE story about the City’s Council’s introduction of a bill aimed at cracking down on pigeon poop. The pigeon nuisance abatement ordinance would make feeding and keeping the birds a finable offense.

I have mixed feelings about this issue. Obviously there’s an overpopulation problem in Albuquerque, and I’ve seen people feeding the pigeons. Since moving into my Downtown house a year and a half ago, I’ve witnessed the level of neighborhood pigeon crap increase dramatically. At some point last year four birds took up residence in the rafters in the back of my house. I think the pigeons are cute, but the mess they make at my back door is filthy and disgusting. I can’t get too mad at them, though, and here’s why. Several years back NPR ran an interview with Andrew Blechman, author of Pigeons: The Fascinating Saga of the World's Most Revered and Reviled Bird. Learn all about these interesting birds here.

V.19 No.50 |


I Hate To Admit It, But This Morning Really Sucked!

By Tom Nayder [ Mon Dec 20 2010 1:26 PM ]

I think these pigeons are fucking with me.

V.19 No.50 | 12/16/2010
Pigeon on Fence. Location unknown.
Jessica Cassyle Carr


Weird Bird Photo: Number Three

By John Bear [ Tue Dec 14 2010 2:52 PM ]

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