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V.22 No.35 | 8/29/2013

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Webgame Wednesday on Thursday: The Blue Beanie

The Blue Beanie is a lovely little point-and-click adventure combining photographic backdrops and animated figures. You are a squishy little forest critter whose beloved blue beanie has been stolen. Navigate the odd landscapes to recover it. This one requires some puzzle-solving skills and a tiny bit of arcade action.

V.21 No.42 | 10/18/2012

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Webgame Wednesday: The Old Tree

Webgame Wednesday's journey through Halloween Horror Month continues with the darkly atmospheric point-and-click-as-art game The Old Tree. Creepy-crawl your way though a landscape of bizarre bugs and other weird monsters. Less scary than just plain surreal, this one is sure to fuel some strange dreams.

V.21 No.41 | 10/11/2012

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Webgame Wednesday: Free Ice Cream

Halloween Horror Month continues here on Webgame Wednesdays with Free Ice Cream. What's so scary about free ice cream? Well, if you're a little girl, you really shouldn't be accepting it from a strange ice cream vendors. Particularly when that ice cream vendor is wearing a hockey mask. Now, you've got to escape from his blood-spattered basement in this nasty-humored point-and-click adventure.

V.21 No.28 | 7/12/2012

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Webgame Wednesday: Little Wheel

Most point-and-click adventures are dull affairs, rewarding blind poking more than anything. But Little Wheel is something altogether different. First of all, the story is an interesting one. You play a robot who must reactivate his mechanical brethren after centuries of deep sleep. Second of all, the shadow-puppet animation is fluid and quite gorgeous. Finally, the game itself is a great deal of fun, feeling far more interactive and action-packed than most games of this type. The whole thing won't take you ten minutes to solve, but its a satisfying little sci-fi journey.

V.21 No.3 | 1/19/2012

video games

Webgame Wednesday: REW

Why did you beat that sweet little old lady to death? A bit like Memento played out in a fairy tale land, REW is a cute-but-bloody point-and-click murder mystery that runs backward in time. You start with the aftermath of the murder, then find the clues to figure out what happened before. It's simple enough, but the art is clever and the simple story keeps things moving. Click away, killer.

V.19 No.3 | 1/21/2010

Webgame Wednesday: Gretel and Hansel

The fairy tale inspired Gretel and Hansel is an escape-style point-and-click adventure with some incredible watercolor art. It's a tough one, but there are plenty of hints along the way. Nice to see Gretel take over as such a protagonist as well.