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Burque knows BoB ballots count

And you do too, VOTE NOW!

ABQ's gas tank runs on your opinion
ABQ's gas tank runs on your opinion

Spring is in the air. Everything is coming up roses. Time for a new favorite ... bike path .... Nah, maybe it's just time to punch the mayor of 'Burque in the nose. Hopefully while accompanied by the chick with 'Burque's best tattoo. After ogling Duke City's best bar staff. Or the city's best mural. Whoever you vote for will forgive you. Or laud you. Since you already left the best casino, y'all take note when you bring your car to your fave mechanic and gab about Albuquerque's best TV personality. Don't misinterpret that, we're talking about television. You open-minded, best adult-shopping, filthy-minded folk.

Albuqurque residents want to express their opinion. This is the time. This is the place. Weekly Alibi's Best of Burque is registering your thoughts. Your opinions. Your needlessly biased self-esteem and ego-centric positions on the what-not and the that thing-a-ma-jig that is SO 'Burque. Mmm, sexy.... What is the best vintage apparel store?

A better question is who is the "best street artist"? When you're driving the kids to school, who is the "best local radio personality"? Remember that billboard on northbound I-25 advertising the psychic? No? Weekly Alibi is fairly sure you have psychic friends anyway, so vote already, citizens!


    The Daily Word in Woody Allen, Walking Dead and Dumb Starbucks

    A suicide bombing instructor blew up his class.

    Cockfighting is big in New York.

    Dumb Starbucks serves free coffee.

    Vancouver has crack pipe vending machines.

    How is the USA doing in the Olympics?

    Watch Jerry Seinfeld’s Walking Dead episode.

    Dylan Farrow responds to Woody.

    Maybe we should kill off the mosquitoes.

    Someone has documented 35 years of Prince’s hairdos.

    Meet the bird that can sound like anything.

    What now, James Franco?

    There was a rollover on I-25.

    A suspect is accused of raping and beating a baby.

    The police caught some bad guys.

    Happy birthday Laura Dern.


      The Daily Word in 'stop-and-frisk,' DiMaggios' legacy and Gilligan's leadership

      A U.S. district judge has ruled New York's “stop-and-frisk” procedures unconstitutional due to unfair racial profiling.

      Some luxury resort condominiums collapsed in a massive sinkhole near Disney World. So far no injuries have been reported.

      After James L. DiMaggio was shot dead over the weekend, resulting in Hannah Anderson being found safe in Idaho, authorities reveal that DiMaggio's father once held a teenager at gunpoint in the '80s.

      After spending a year and a half in a coma, Dutch Prince Johan Friso died this morning.

      Hey Mr. DJ, is this your equipment we found on Craigslist?

      Let the record show that if you wave a stun gun at your son in the front yard, you're probably going to get probation.

      The city introduced a plan to provide $2.4 million a year to rebuild APD. The bill will be brought to the public at the Aug. 19 City Council meeting.

      Just a few leadership lessons from Vince Gilligan, creator of AMC's “Breaking Bad.”

      A woman looking to get new boobs takes to the streets!


        The Daily Word in Hurricane Sandy, Gary Glitter and Prince.

        Hurricane Sandy is deadly.

        Watch Sandy blow down trees. “Oh, my gosh.”

        A brief overview of cars Obama has owned.

        Smart people drink more.

        There actually are things you don’t know about Prince.

        Tyrannosaurus vs. Tryceratops.

        The pastor was killed with a guitar.

        The toughest bridge in the world. (Thanks, Tom!)

        Gary Glitter is in trouble again.

        A cop’s ghoulish scheme.

        Natalie Dylan is selling her virginity.

        Tom Hanks: slam poet.

        Axyl Rose talked on TV.

        A park stabbing at 3rd and I-40.

        A man stole some Toys for Tots money.

        Hazmat in Doña Ana County.

        Happy Birthday, Henry Winkler.

        Thanks for the help, Tom Nayder and Constance Moss!


          Rowdy’s Dream Blog #236: Prince is racing to rescue us.

          This dream story begins with textures scrolling back into the 'screen' like credits. The sound hole of a guitar appears with the face of a singing man inside it. The soundtrack is a Prince song. As the scene opens we have already been captured by the Feds. We will soon be hauled off to prison. But we have an escape plan. Even now, Prince is racing to rescue us in his pearl limo. We are to hide under papers in one of five dumpsters until he arrives. I see the Feds are cleaning our bathroom, something we never did. They also announce their plans to empty all the dumpsters. I try to dissuade them but this only arouses their suspicions. We see Prince rocketing up the canyon freeway. A large hay truck jackknifes and overturns. Prince is trapped in the resulting jam.

            V.19 No.50 | 12/16/2010
            Charley’s co-owner Dave Chapman stands before some of the store’s stock of vinyl.

            Editor's Note

            Sorry, Charley

            Last week in my article “Vinyl X-Mas,” which overviewed good places to buy records in Albuquerque, I wrote that “ ... I don’t like that Charley’s shrink-wraps used vinyl, preventing pre-purchase inspection (and previewing the music) ... .” The comment drew fire from the owner, employees and loyal customers of Charley’s 33s & CDs (7602 Menaul NE, 296-3685). This was my experience at Charley’s—about two years ago, I bought a used copy of Prince’s Purple Rain, but I wasn’t permitted to cut through the shrink-wrap and check out the condition of the vinyl before my purchase. I brought it home to find that “When Doves Cry” skipped. After speaking with Charley’s co-owner Colleen Corrie last week, she assured me that my case is totally unusual. She says the store will open and play any record for a customer, and that the shrink-wrapping measure is taken to preserve the quality of the vinyl. The store also carries thousands of $1 records that aren’t wrapped. So, I hope that clears things up, and that no reader hesitates to check out Charley’s. (Jessica Cassyle Carr)

            [ more >> ] Add a Comment [ permalink ]


            The Daily Word 07.07.10: LeBron Madness, Lindsay Goes To Jail, The Intenet Is Over

            Now may be the time to take care of your outstanding warrants.

            Your ironic mullet is officially illegal.

            Japan may have captured asteroid particles and successfully returned them to Earth.

            Crazy widow lives with corpses of her husband and twin sister.

            So the Palins aren't hillbillies?

            Woman arrested in Tennessee for driving drunk on vanilla extract.

            Police and firefighters attacked with fireworks in St. Louis.

            Priest in Connecticut is arrested for stealing $1.3 million and spending it on male escorts, designer clothes and fancy meals.

            Slate wonders why it's so hard to fire a teacher.

            Tips for losers on how to handle an online break-up.

            Newspapers add card readers to vending machines in vain attempt to stave-off death.

            Has a long lost Michelangelo sculpture been found?

            Why doesn't anyone want to go to Lilith Fair?

            Enjoy this crazy Mel Gibson flow chart.

            This infomercial for the Cold Steal Two-Handed Great Sword is pretty sweet.

            It's hot and crowded in China.

            Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail where she probably won't get fancy manicures.

            Bruce Willis debuts "the manliest scent in the world."

            The early reviews of Inception are in and I'm still excited.

            Everyone is freaking-out about where LeBron James is going to play next season.

            Is your cat a racist?

            Prince goes back in time, declares the Internet "completely over."


            The Daily Word 7.6.10: Queen Elizabeth, Prince, More Tar Balls

            Tar balls are discovered in Texas, meaning that oil has successfully infiltrated all five gulf states. Fuck you, BP!

            The Artist Still Known As Prince says the Internet is dead.

            The “grand finale” during the fireworks display goes horribly wrong in Palmyra, PA as eleven people are hurt.

            Queen Elizabeth to visit New York City for the first time since 1976.

            The Feds file a lawsuit today against Arizona’s SB 1070.

            Charles Manson follower Leslie “Lulu” Van Houten is up for parole.

            Stamps may go up by a 2-cent increase to 46 cents next year.

            Michael Astorga appeals his conviction for the murder of Bernalillo County deputy James McGrane in 2006.

            A fire broke out at the Mountain Run shopping center early this morning.

            Hot summer: temperatures could reach 102 degrees as the east coast gets slammed with a massive heat wave.

            A topless woman in Albuquerque slams into a gas line with her car.

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