V.21 No.50 | 12/13/2012


The Daily Word in pacemaker cells, lunar crashes, paranormal sightings

The Daily Word

Two Connecticut schools near Newtown in lockdown this morning. The first funerals for victims of the shooting will be held today.

Lobos beat up the Aggies to move their record to 11-0.

New lab study shows results for a gene inserted into ordinary heart cells transforming them into " pacemaker" cells that regulate cardiac rhythm.

Baby girl Brinna Milligan delivered by her father on the side of I-25 yesterday morning.

Sen. John Kerry (who you might know from the 2004 presidential election) may replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

Police say a man stabbed his neighbor because the victim’s niece was playing and being too loud.

Everybody loves a good crash, NASA included. The organization is ending the missions of two spacecraft by smacking them into a lunar mountain at almost 4,000 mph.

The best paranormal sightings of 2012.

The best satellite images of 2012.

What does Middle Earth look like from space?

Save the raptors!

Don’t you just hate it when someone steals your driveway?

Rock Hill Herald apologizes for displaying a large ad for guns next to their story about the Sandy Hook shooting.

Tiny, yippy dogs can now protect homes too.

Jedi is the seventh-most popular religion in Great Britain.