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V.20 No.25 | 6/23/2011
Looks little...
Looks little...


Red Dragon Invades Downtown

Monster possibly about to make a trip to Knockouts

By Summer Olsson [ Tue Jun 21 2011 2:32 PM ]

I love this weird city. A crowd of shrieking and pointing passersby attracted me to the front entrance of Knockouts on my way back from lunch this afternoon. It was not a dancer doing something outrageous. It was the biggest four-legged reptile I’ve ever encountered outside of a zoo. It was rough and reddish, with a long white band on its tail and enormous jowls. Unlike the speedy Godzilla, or a Komodo dragon, it was crawling along like cold honey. And it was moving steadily towards the Knockouts door. His owner stood calmly minding him, answering questions from rubberneckers like me.

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