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V.25 No.14 | 4/7/2016

Restaurant Review

Cover Your Mouth

Mimmo's Ristorante and Pizzeria’s home-style Italian is worth the patrons

By Joshua Lee
The shrimp alfredo—a decent helping of larger-than-your-thumb shrimp on top of fettucini in a white sauce—was like a punch in the face, it was so good.
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V.25 No.12 | 03/24/2016
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Event Horizon

Caped Crusaders

Saturday, Apr 2: Gratitude Bike Parade and Party

By Taylor Grabowsky [ Thu Mar 31 2016 2:15 PM ]
A fun day of riding, giving back and enjoying brews. Project Connect is collecting items for the homeless; check online for a full list.
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V.25 No.13 | 3/31/2016
Sandia Mountain Oysters
courtesy of Courtney’s Kitchen

Restaurant Review

Home is Where the Food is

Courtney’s Kitchen offers up love grub

By Fourtney Coster
Despite the feeling of comfort and the delicious, sophisticated take on homey food, there were a few things that I found to be problematic.
V.25 No.12 | 3/24/2016
Enchilada plate at Barelas Coffee House

Restaurant Review

Another Home in Barelas

Coffee house provides piquant pastime

By August March
It’s a super-regional form of food, puro Burque, though related cuisine may be experienced in Santa or Cruces. It doesn’t exist in Tejas or Califas or Nueva York.
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V.25 No.10 | 3/10/2016
Cashew mock pork with rice

Restaurant Review

Trekking to the Mountains

An Hy Quan is a reason to dine in the Heights

By Maggie Grimason
In my notes about the papaya salad, I simply wrote, “crazy good.”
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V.25 No.9 | 3/3/2016
Margherita Pizza

Restaurant Review

Hidden Temple of Pizza

Firenze serves up a mean pie if you can find it

By Joshua Lee
Criminy. I literally moaned. Right there with my windows down in the dark behind a pizzeria.
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V.25 No.8 | 2/25/2016
Salmon Sashimi

Restaurant Review

Asian Sensation

Ambiguous Asian restaurant delivers deliciousness

By Megan Reneau
After I paid my bill, I waddled quickly off into the night. My belly was now full and warm, as was my heart.
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V.25 No.7 | 2/18/2016
A Taste of the Caribbean exterior

Restaurant Review

Latitude Adjustment

A Taste of the Caribbean brings the ocean to ABQ

By Joshua Lee
I got to talking to Ed, my server (and probably cook), about the dangers of goat addiction…
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V.25 No.6 | 2/11/2016
Com xao xa ot

Restaurant Review

Getting into the Comfort Zone

Basil Leaf’s Vietnamese comfort food

By Taylor Grabowsky
Basil Leaf is the restaurant you go to if you are in need of comfort food that is a little out of your comfort zone.
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V.25 No.5 | 2/4/2016
Shrimp with green leek buns

Restaurant Review

A Second Chance at a New Year

Ming Dynasty provides great dim sum for your Chinese New Year celebration

By Maggie Grimason
Ming Dynasty provides great dim sum for your Chinese New Year celebration.
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V.25 No.4 | 1/28/2016
The Roadrunner
J. Grisham

Restaurant Review

Hospital Food

Jersey Jack’s guide to healthy living

By Joshua Lee
One of the best sandwich shops in the city happens to be located on the first floor of UNM Hospital.
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V.25 No.2 | 1/14/2016
Thai Cuisine

Restaurant Review

Thai Enlightenment

The mind-bending menu of Thai Cuisine

By Joshua Lee
Tears are in my wife’s eyes. “Spicy,” she hisses between her teeth.
V.25 No.1 | 1/7/2016
Duck tamale

Restaurant Review

Not a Party Yet

Matanza has bountiful beers but issues with spices and prices

By Ty Bannerman
The rainbow of tap handles represent over a hundred beers from a seriously expansive lineup and the ideas behind the entrées are innovative, but can plated reality measure up?
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V.24 No.52 | 12/24/2015
The Cellar

Restaurant Review

Small Plates with Big Flavor

The Cellar Spanish Cuisine

By Nora Hickey
The Cellar is a welcome Iberian-themed restaurant not to be missed.
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V.24 No.51 | 12/17/2015
Santa Fe Brewing taproom

Restaurant Review

Farmery Forever

Community finds a home at Green Jeans Farmery

By Ty Bannerman
It may look like the world’s cleanest Mad Max encampment, but Green Jeans Farmery offers a modern take on “community.”
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