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V.20 No.11 |


Overheard at the ER

Five Hours In The Presbyterian Emergency Room

By Tom Nayder [ Thu Mar 17 2011 2:25 PM ]

Fourtysomething barefoot man, in handcuffs, led out by police:
What am I being charged with?
Police officer:
That's something we need to talk about.

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V.19 No.36 |
Call me Sniffling Bear
Main Street Oberlin
Call me Sniffling Bear

Death comes for the arch-bear-shop

John Bear gets cold, complains about it

By John Bear [ Fri Sep 10 2010 4:31 PM ]

Being sick in the summer sucks.

I prefer to be a vector for infectious disease in the winter. It makes more sense to be wrapped in a blanket, slurping down chicken soup and not going outside in the colder months.

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