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V.21 No.43 | 10/25/2012
Emma Crane
Jazmyn Crosby
Emma Crane


Emma Crane rocks the Roulette

By Samantha Anne Carrillo [ Tue Oct 30 2012 12:36 PM ]

Peer into the music collection of local singer / songwriter Emma Crane (aka Javelina) in this week’s Song Roulette. If that doesn’t satisfy your daily music needs, check out a podcast featuring a Javelina track and seven other Nuevo Mexicano recordings after the jump. Visit the original blog post for the full track list. Happy listening!

TiL #16: Samsara Mix from Samantha Anne on 8tracks Radio.

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Emma Crane
Jazmyn Crosby

Song Roulette

Emma Crane’s random tracks

By Samantha Anne Carrillo
Charming, knowing singer / songwriter Emma Crane supplies this week’s Song Roulette and daydreams about the ultimate intimate concert.
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