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V.21 No.38 |


The Daily Word in iPhone 5, Amanda Palmer and Endeavour

By Marisa Demarco [ Thu Sep 20 2012 10:08 AM ]
In the news: Chick-fil-A, racist anti-abortion propaganda, Endeavour, eclipse, Register to vote, solar, Chaos on Bullshit Mountain, Obama daughters, Canada, new Tunisia, iPhone 5 lines, don't want kids, hijacks a passenger ferry, Amanda Palmer, creative rut, body mods

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V.20 No.26 | 6/30/2011
Kathy Isaacson tends an Urban Garden.
Mina Yamashita

Mina's Dish

The Urban Store

Green living sprouts up from the concrete

By Mina Yamashita

The Urban Store has been open since January and is the brainchild of Kathy Isaacson and co-owner Chuck Alex. The Nob Hill shop, on Silver, is deceptively ordinary. Issacson sports a T-shirt bearing the store’s working philosophy“grow, eat, return.” How simple is that?

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V.19 No.2 |


The Daily Word 01.17.10: Starbucks Albuquerque Migration, Jemez Pueblo Solar Power Plant, Sandia National Labs 'SunCatchers'

Daily Word

By Novalis [ Sun Jan 17 2010 3:24 PM ]
In the news: move the operations to the Duke City, Taqueria Mexico, Friday's New York Times, the nation's first large-scale solar power plant on tribal lands, unveiled four new SunCatchers, reflected-clouds-in-deep-blue-sky product shot

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