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V.23 No.28 |


The Daily Word in ride-sharing rules, AR-15s and Steely Dan

In the news: anti-Ted Nugent missive, Why the US Can, Should and Someday Will Be a Soccer Powerhouse (Maybe), review of Paul Haggis' Third Person, Congratulations!: This is your Steely Dan concert, Drinkable Feast celebrating Hunter S. Thompson's birthday, Fine Lines and Flesh: A brief history of tattooing in the Duke City, KRQE News 13 faces backlash from viewers, the City's new public records fee schedule, Commission has directed its staff to revamp the rules, North Valley residents express concern, whether sellers of New Mexico properties must disclose natural deaths, homicides or suicides, among the top five states with the highest percentage of uninsured, sixth-most attractive city to border state millennials, APD is all set to purchase 350 AR-15 rifles

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V.23 No.27 |


The Daily Word in patriotism, spying and scared dogs

In the news: Fireworks scared Albuquerque's dog population, a local veteran's service dog ran away, organic cat litter caused the fire, A local veteran is frustrated, If you can't turn on your phone, How a paraplegic Brazilian porcupine gets around, 90 percent of those surveilled by the NSA are innocent, Hurricane Arthur, stupid patriotic tattoos, Remote controlled birth control, Germany is retaliating against American espionage, selfies are dangerous

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V.23 No.22 | 5/29/2014
Ungelbah Davila

Show Up!

Rockin’ the Mother Road

From pinup pageants to film to concerts to car shows, August March reports on the second annual Rockabilly on the Route festival in Tucumcari, N.M.
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V.23 No.12 | 3/20/2014
“Ask me about my growling!”
“Ask me about my growling!”

Best of Burque

Best of Burque Photo Deadline Extended to Noon on Monday March 24

You can email Best of Burque photos to now.

I wanted to enter Gomez in Best of Burque, but when I tried to send his picture in (to me) there was some kind of … photorazzle.boogerbomb thing I had to register on … and then the phone rang, and I spilled my coffee, and Dr. Cyclops was on and I just never got back to it. Does everything have to be so complicated?

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V.22 No.28 | 7/11/2013
Ericksen slings the ink at Heart and Soul Tattoo.
Eric Williams

Arts Feature

Paints and Needles

Tattoo Fiesta lures big names in ink to Duke City

Master inkers from around the country head to Albuquerque for the Duke City Tattoo Fiesta.
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V.21 No.24 |


The Daily Word in the "forest boy" hoax, the "Kindness in America" hoax, a Subgenius shakeup and Captain Picard Day

In the news: Chinese massage, personal email for state business, Governor Martinez, executive order, Washington Post says, take our jobs, the weed vote, lost WWI submarine, bath salts freakout, Kindness in America, "Forest Boy" was lying, New Jersey wine, her tits could explodde, failed, Meet AJ Weberman, The Oatmeal, bizarre David Hasselhoff commercial, Ten terrible tattoos, Babies in cellophane!, It's finally over, Reverend Stang retired, Happy Captain Picard Day

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V.20 No.50 |


The Daily Word in Dear Leaders, political assassinations and President Palin

In the news: recognizes, ordering the deaths, not too late, to the fairgrounds, "This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back.;)", red stickers, Joe Simon, First Earth-sized planet discovered, QR-code, Don't move!, is not dead, Simpsons + Breaking Bad, change your freaking life, brain-eating amoebas, Happy Birthday John Hillerman!!!

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V.20 No.33 | 8/18/2011


The Daily Word in Madoff’s pants, hand hearts and whiskey

In the news: investigation of her death, Los Ranchos, letters, Bernie Madoff’s pants, water, predictions, removed, Cybersex 2.0, hand hearts, Robotic exoskeleton, Underwater volcano, whiskey, use of drones, top 100

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V.20 No.28 | 7/14/2011


Rowdy’s Dream Blog #210: Knuckle Tattoos.

I want to get my friend a present: knuckle tattoos that read "KILL ME." I later decide I should change this to "SPINACH."

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V.20 No.2 |


Zodiac Gone Wild?

New Sign?

Apparently, you might not be the western zodiac sign you think you are. According to a new report by the Minnesota Planetarium Society our zodiac, which was created about 3000 years ago just isn't accurate anymore, since the earth is constantly being pushed and pulled around by other heavenly bodies, such as the moon. Here’s one of hundreds of stories about the shift of the zodiac. Don’t worry, Free Will Astrology is still valid according to the reports!

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V.19 No.18 | 5/6/2010
Joy Harjo and hand
Joy Harjo and hand


Ink Link: Writing the Body

Here’s an unique addition to the body of a poet’s work and publication credits: The Tattooed Poets Project. The visionary behind the web archive is New Yorker Bill Cohen who answered an email interview while at cruising altitude on his flight to Hawaii for a conference on tribal tattoos. And he wrote, among other things, “I am a fickle blog reader...generally won't finish long ones.” So I’m keeping this short. His project is an interdisciplinary response to National Poetry Month. Every day for the month of April annually, the Project features a photo of a tattoo on a poet, commentary by the poet about the tattoo, including both shop talk and any literary significance, plus bio, and then links to a poem. The corollaries between ink on the page and ink on the body are explored all month long, withas is par for poetsa huge range of both poetic voice and aesthetic style. Amazing archive. Take a look-see. Even New Mexico’s own Joy Harjo with her amazing hand tattoos is featured along with the likes of Kim Addonizio, Jill Alexander Essbaum, and Brendan Constantine (who will be here to perform at Church of Beethoven in August).

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